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What We Believe

All Saints Episcopal Church on Hilton Head Island

All Saints is a welcoming, inclusive, and progressive parish in a residential/retirement/resort community. We are grounded in worship, nurtured in fellowship, and active in a diverse range of ministries. Our work together strives to support the mission of the Episcopal Church in our local community, and in the world. All Saints welcomes you wherever you are on your journey of faith. 


Our Mission: All Saints is to be a channel of God’s love.

Our Vision: We envision a parish that:

  • is rooted in God's love, expressed in vibrant worship

  • welcomes diversity and fosters mutual respect

  • encourages questions of faith

  • serves God and neighbors joyfully

  • inspires grateful hearts and faithful stewardship 

  • enjoys fun and fellowship

​We are Enthusiastically Episcopalian! 

All Saints Vestry has chosen these as the top priorities

  1. Promote Spiritual Growth

  2. Strengthen the foundations of our church community

  3. Expanding our reach beyond our walls


The Diocese of South Carolina and The National Church

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina has reorganized and is carrying forward the work of Jesus Christ, just as generations of Episcopalians in South Carolina have done since 1789. Moving forward together in unity and faith, and with God's help, we will flourish. Your participation in the life of our diocese and its parishes, missions and worshipping communities is encouraged. The Episcopal Church always welcomes you!

Episcopalians believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As constituent members of the Anglican Communion in the United States, we are descendants of and partners with the Church of England, and the Scottish Episcopal Church, and are part of the third largest group of Christians in the world.


We believe in following the teachings of Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection saved the world.


We have a legacy of inclusion, aspiring to tell and exemplify God’s love for every human being; women and men serve as bishops, priests, and deacons in our church. Laypeople and clergy cooperate as leaders at all levels of our church. Leadership is a gift from God, and can be expressed by all people in our church, regardless of sexual identity or orientation.


We believe that God loves you – no exceptions.

The work of ministry is based on the Five Marks of Mission

1. To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom.

2. To teach, baptize and nurture new believers.

3. To respond to human need by loving service.

4. To seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation.

5. To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

We are a part of the The Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

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