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 Child Development Center

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For more information, contact Preschool Director Meghan Theobald by e-mail or phone (843-681-8671).


The purpose of All Saints Child Development Center shall be to provide a safe, loving, nurturing Christian environment for children. Emphasis is placed on building each child's self-concept, individual strengths, and creative ability.  It is our goal to build meaningful relationships with parents and coordinate child-rearing practices and expectations.  It is our hope to promote the physical, social emotional and cognitive development of the children while responding to the needs of parents.

All Saints Child Development Center began in January of 1994 with 16 children ages three and four and a staff of two. In March of 1995 we expanded to offer a two-year-old class and currently serve 48 students with a staff of seven. Since the beginning, we have offered a highly regarded, very well respected program for children in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC. Our parent-friendly environment encourages participation in a wide variety of school activities.

For children who are three or four years old by September 1, All Saints Child Development Center offers many experiences that are developmentally appropriate for each age group. Our school uses the State Department of Education recommended Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood. Based on developmental theory, Creative Curriculum is a practical approach focused on how to organize the environment to support children's social development and active learning. By continually changing the environment, teachers can support learning and creativity in children. This concept has two dimensions: age appropriateness and individual appropriateness. Knowledge of typical development of children provides a framework from which teachers prepare the learning environment and plan practical experiences.

Child-initiated, child-directed, teacher-supported play is an essential component of our program. The school provides a good balance of active and quiet play, indoor and outdoor activities and individual and group activities. We believe that children learn best by doing. Knowledge is not something that is given to children. They acquire it through playful interaction with objects and people. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members are more like guides or facilitators than teachers. They prepare the environment so that it provides stimulating, challenging materials and activities for all children. Then the teachers closely observe to see what children understand and to pose additional challenges to stimulate their thinking further.

For more information, contact Preschool Director Meghan Theobald by e-mail or phone (843-681-8671).

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