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All Saints Foundation

The Mission of the All Saints Foundation is to build permanent and nonpermanent funds to assist our parish in fulfilling its Christian calling. The Pelican Society recognizes those who have made a legacy commitment to the Foundation. WAYS YOU CAN GIVE Starting a fund is quick and easy because preparation of the documents generally takes less than an hour. You have a choice of giving now or deferring your gift.

Greetings from the All Saints Foundation Board to the Pelican Society and Parish family!


We are pleased to provide you this mid-year update to what is going on with the All Saints Foundation.  After the church’s Annual Meeting in January, we elected our new Board and offered our appreciation and thanks to Paul Ostergard and Marilyn Roper as they retired following many years of service and to Dottie McIlraith, retiring chair.  We welcomed Howard Coonley, Don Hendrickson, and Carolyn Moore to the Board. 

We monitor the Foundation funds, held in two accounts professionally managed through the Episcopal Church Foundation by State Street Global Advisors.  The balances in the accounts on December 31, 2019 were $91,226 in the Non-Permanent Fund* and $450,522 in the Permanent Fund*.  Both funds are invested with a 60% equity and 40% fixed income mix.  One of the opportunities the new Board had was to determine the amount of the distributions.  Currently, the Board has approved an annual distribution of 3.75% of the average year end fund balance of the preceding five years. This was an honor since this was the first distribution we have made!  We celebrated turning over $18,156 to the vestry for their approval and use.  


Then COVID hit and our March results were significantly below where we ended 2019, due to these distributions and the market reaction to the economic impact of the pandemic.  Fortunately, the June balances recovered to $85,527 in the Non-Permanent Fund and $420,950 in the Permanent Fund.


Another action we took earlier this year was to reach out to our Pelican Society members, those who have made a legacy commitment to the Foundation, to ensure we have clarity on their intent to give and how they want their gift allocated to the Non-Permanent or Permanent Fund.  We felt this was critical to ensure that we know of a potential gift and the intent of the donor.  Be assured that we do not request any dollar details, only a commitment to a living or estate-designated gift.


Have questions?  We have added our new Prospectus, Fact Sheet, and Pew Card to the Foundation page on the website.  Also, any of us on the Board are more than pleased to answer any questions you may have.


In closing, please consider the All Saints Foundation in your estate/financial planning to ensure that we can build these funds to provide funds to fulfill our Christian calling.


All Saints Foundation Board:

Lesley Gilbert, Chair

Howard Coonley, Vice Chair

John Phillips

Don Hendrickson

Dottie McIlraith

Sara Hall, Recording Secretary

Carolyn Moore



Rev. Denise Trogdon, Rector

Mark Szen, Treasurer

*The Permanent Fund is like a true endowment protecting the donor’s original gift by using income growth for the distribution.

  The Non-Permanent Fund does not require protection of the donor’s original gift so the vestry may use the corpus as the needs of the church arise.

The Pelican Society What is The Pelican Society?

  • Donor recognition group of contributors to The All Saints Foundation

  • The Foundation helps to support the future of All Saints Episcopal Church and grows and oversees Permanent and Non-Permanent Foundation funds

  • Members may wear silver pelican pins


Why that name?

  • In the Episcopal Church, the pelican symbolizes Jesus our Redeemer who gave His life for us

  • All Saints services first held at Pelican Restaurant for almost 5 years beginning in 1985


Are gifts made to the Foundation or the Church?

  • Operating gifts are made to the Church -Capital campaign gifts are made to the Church

  • Legacy gifts should likely be made to Foundation

  • A stock donation should be accompanied by notice to the Church or Foundation of donor

  • Named insurance beneficiary gift, advise Foundation as beneficiaries may not be paid automatically

  • With a will, bequest, or trust gift, “Executor” or “Trustee” name should be shared with Foundation 


Outright gifts are a simple, convenient way and offer you the pleasure of seeing your charitable dollars in action during your lifetime. Cash and appreciated securities, RMD's, etc are the usual gifts


Bequests of cash or property are made easily through your will and are free of estate taxes. You can also name the Foundation as a residuary beneficial of your will.


You can also make a gift now that will continue to benefit both you and the Foundation by using: Charitable Remainder Trusts * Charitable Lead Trusts *

Click the documents below for more information about the Foundation:

The Foundation Prospectus

The All Saints Foundation and Pelican Society Pew Card

Pelican Society Facts

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