Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting:
Sunday, February 28
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Rector’s Report

Rev. Denise Trogdon, Rector

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer. Romans 12:12


The apostle Paul’s words speak to us, as we have moved through this most challenging year. We have been called to rejoice in our hope for the future of All Saints, while remaining patient through this pandemic. It has certainly required prayer, hard work and the perseverance of many. This time last year, our new Vestry on retreat, renewed our commitment to All Saints Mission, and reshaped our vision and priorities for the year. Developing a new tag line- Celebrating God’s love for all- we began to put in motion a plan to review all of our current ministries and assess their vitality and needs for resources. At the same time, we hired three new part time staff and restructured their roles to better fit the needs of All Saints programs.


The story of this year has been strength and flexibility. Thanks to the creative and

faithful leadership of Staff, Vestry and volunteers, this community has remained faithful to its calling, to be a channel of God’s love. When the pandemic hit and the need for safety became the top priority, public indoor services were suspended and new opportunities were created for worship and ministry that could be done virtually. Since we had a plan in place to purchase streaming equipment, it was not long before we were able to live stream our services. There was a very steep learning curve, however, requiring parishioners also learn the technology to participate. Music ministry became creative in using the smaller chamber choir to minimize exposure and single cantors to keep our tradition of beautiful music. Ministry meetings remained vibrant and active utilizing the platform of “Zoom” even including Eucharist and fellowship opportunities. The work of the church continued, despite challenges.


A vestry subcommittee was formed to develop guidelines for re-gathering. This group has been meeting regularly to assess current levels of the virus and what safeguards must be in place. We have taken a very careful approach and are looking for a consistent pattern of decline in Covid cases, with no more than 5% positive. We are very hopeful given the vaccine availability and current numbers decreasing. We will proceed cautiously, still utilizing masks and social distancing to ensure parishioner safety as we develop a plan for reopening.


Who could have imagined live-streamed worship, Zoom hospitality hours and Bible studies, beach chairs in the parking lot for outdoor worship, and new ministries developing in the midst of this unprecedented shut down? Who could have predicted that we would welcome new families this year, even virtually? We have seen strong growth in our outreach ministries, as the needs in the community have grown. We have added new food pantry collections, a new partnership with the schools to provide internet access to families in need, and a new social justice ministry. We began planning for our Sacred Ground program that kicked off in January. Our adult formation has continued with Zoom Women’s Bible study, Men’s Forum, book groups and the development of the new Crossroads program that launched just recently.


Looking ahead, we must reassess ministry leadership, as this year has brought about several transitions. We are in the life cycle of this parish, that many who started ministries are now stepping down; some are relocating; and we have had some beloved parishioners pass away. On their shoulders a vibrant parish was built, and we have some important shoes to fill. I especially want to mention that Mark Szen, our faithful treasurer and his wife Nancy, will be relocating this summer. Mark has dedicated twenty years to stewarding our finances and the Szens will be greatly missed! We said goodbye to Roberta Koonce who handled our front desk and we put in place a system of volunteers to answer the phones and greet people. This helped us to restructure our staffing to include a new full time Buildings and Grounds Manager, Brian Hayes. There are many facility projects that will now be accomplished. The stewardship of our facility is an important priority and we are thankful for the dedicated leaders, Bob Reuter and Tony Rizza who have overseen this for so long. Brian will be busy this year!


There is much to look forward to as we elect our new Diocesan Bishop and plan our homecoming as a parish. The new vestry will be implementing a detailed plan for growth and moving us forward in our mission. I have missed seeing all of you as it seems I was just beginning to get to know you, when the pandemic began. I am so thankful to be in ministry partnership with you and so blessed with talented and creative clergy and staff. We will remain constant in prayer, patient in this time and rejoice when we can be fully together again.

Blessings and Peace,



For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. Jeremiah 29:11


Senior Warden’s Report


2020….what a year! 


I have always considered myself to be a very organized person capable of multi tasking and making the best utilization of time and talent…..2020 changed all that. Many of the things that were decided at the annual Vestry retreat last year either didn’t happen as planned or took much longer to accomplish. 

Of the 9 years that I have been a warden, these past 3 and especially this past year were the most challenging. Yet if you look at the month by month outline of what has happened at All Saints in 2020 you will notice that in spite of everything happening around us, we still accomplished a lot. 

One of the toughest decisions has been being a part of the re-gathering committee and trying to decide when we can and should come together again in person at All Saints.


The Vestry, Clergy and staff have all done an excellent job in keeping us connected while we are apart. I am proud of the progress that we have made over this past year given the circumstances. I am very encouraged and supportive of the strong leadership taking over this year under the direction of Denise and the new Vestry.  We are stronger than ever and moving forward.

Even though this is my last year as Senior Warden, I will continue on as part of the finance committee, the buildings & grounds committee and the personnel committee

It has been my pleasure to lead the fine group of people making up this last Vestry. Better days ahead for all of us.


God Bless.


Junior Warden’s Report

Lisa Ghessie, Junior Warden


This has been an extraordinary year to serve as Junior Warden. I am sure there are many different things that I would have done had it been a typical year. I served on the Re-gathering Committee which formed in the spring and meets sometimes twice a month or even weekly as we address all things required to bring us back together. I attended two re-gathering related webinars to help support our planning. I drafted the parish re-gathering survey that was sent to each parishioner based on lessons learned in one of the webinars. The survey results were extremely helpful in our plans to move ahead.

Late in the summer and into the fall, I was on the Vestry/Clergy working group that did a deep dive on all our ministries to see if they aligned with our mission and priorities. That work led to my participation on the Stewardship Committee as it planned a way forward with this year’s stewardship campaign.

I actively participate on the Outreach Committee that was formed late last year. I recruited a chair for the committee who is doing an outstanding job leading a group which meets very regularly to oversee our Outreach priorities for All Saints.

I have enjoyed my term as Junior Warden and my three years on the Vestry here at All Saints.

All Saints Preschool 2020-2021

Director Bonnie Fick

2020 was an incredibly challenging year for All Saints Preschool with the Coronavirus Pandemic shutdown in March. I have kept my faith and with God’s help and the support of everyone here in the Church the Preschool is persevering.


My annual budget operates from August through July not January through December like the Church does so with the help of the PPP Loan last spring, All Saints Preschool was able to meet the operating costs for the remainder of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.


Normally the school year in Beaufort County starts in August and we follow their calendar, however this year the public schools decided to delay their start until September and go with a hybrid schedule or all virtual. This greatly affected the enrollment and I had to figure out how to keep All Saints Preschool open. The solution was to downsize the 2 yr. old classroom and combine the 3 and 4 yr. old’s into one classroom. The Church Vestry supported my decision to open the Preschool Mondays through Fridays with in-person teaching even when I only had 12 children enrolled for the one classroom.


I implemented Covid Safety policies and procedures for the Preschool and was able to hire 2 highly qualified teachers who were willing to work with children without wearing masks. The Preschool successfully opened this year on October 5th.


In August, the projected Preschool budget showed a deficit for the 2020-2021 fiscal year if enrollment did not increase. Since then, with the help of the finance team, I have been successful in applying for and awarded 2 Child Care grants that have kept the Preschool out of a deficit, and I am excited to announce that enrollment increased to 19 children in January. The 3 and 4 yr. old classroom now has full enrollment and the 2yr. old classroom has reopened.


With the increased enrollment, fund raisers, and a 3-week Summer Camp I expect to have all operating costs for the Preschool this year. I am starting re-enrollment on March 1st and have already been receiving calls from interested families for the 2021-2022 school year. Next fall I am anticipating having all 3 classrooms open again.

Finance Commission

Vestry liaisons: Jack Case, Tony Rizza, Mark Szen

Chair: Jack Case


Finance Commission, Jack Case Chair

Treasurer, Mark Szen


2020 was a surprisingly good year financially for All Saints.  As we entered the year, projections indicated that we could possibly be facing a $100,000 deficit without some significant deficit reduction relief.  That relief came from an unexpected source, the Federal Government!  This relief was a Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loan which was enacted in response to the Covid economic shutdown.  All Saints responded quickly to this opportunity and secured a $138,000 loan as payroll protection for our church and pre-school staff.  The terms of the loan were that the loan would be completely forgiven if the funds were properly utilized.  When forgiven, the loan proceeds would be recognized as income.  The funds were received in May, 2020 and were used as prescribed by the law so loan forgiveness was anticipated.

Supporting this unexpected source of income was our phenomenal pledge giving.  Although the level of pledges for the year was lower than we had hoped, our parishioners steadfastly supported their pledge commitments.  We collected 98.4% of pledges made.  Given the unusual circumstances of this year, that contribution rate is truly extraordinary.  Thank you for your incredible support!  With no in-person services since March, plate contributions were obviously down but with virtual ministry meetings and services and outdoor worship gatherings only, expenses were down too.  So, with the combination of this wonderful level of pledge giving support, the reduced expenses and the unexpected PPP loan, we should have shown a $55,000 surplus for 2020.  Confusing that accomplishment is the fact that the forgiveness letter from the Federal Government wasn’t received until January 22, 2021.  That means that from a technical accounting perspective, the income will be recognized in 2021, not 2020 but the proceeds will find their way to our bottom line nonetheless.

The 2021 budget has been on hold pending the results of our annual stewardship campaign which is currently in progress.  Our total pledges for each of the last four years have been about $750,000.  We need to increase our pledges to fully fund our ministries, programs, outreach and mission.  We cannot continue to offer this level of program and service at this level of pledge income.  Our goal for this year is $850,000, a 12% increase from 2020.

We undertook an audit of the year 2018 in 2019 using McGregor & Company, a Columbia based accounting firm.  That audit was not completed by yearend 2019 and, with Covid and staffing issues at McGregor, the audit is still not completed.  We are pursuing this with a goal of completing our 2018 audit very soon and getting into 2019 and 2020 soon.

The All Saints Foundation enjoyed another year of prosperous growth.  Early in 2020, the Foundation distributed approximately $18,500 to the church which was used to support the music ministry and to bolster our reserves.  Another distribution based on 2020 growth is being considered by the Foundation Board.  We very much appreciate their accomplishments.

The All Saints pre-school was severely impacted by Covid.  When South Carolina schools were closed in March, the pre-school revenue went to zero for the last three months of the school year.  Also, all summer programs were cancelled which normally generate revenue.  The pre-school did benefit from our PPP loan, their share was $37,000, and they also received two grants totaling $25,000 from the State of South Carolina, which have helped.  The staff and the pre-school board have done a great job balancing pupil levels with staff resources.  Several new students enrolled in January and even more have enrolled for the next school year, creating a sense of optimism.

Our Treasurer for the last 20 years, Mark Szen, announced that he would be retiring from that position in mid-2021. Mark has presided over much growth of the church and some very important financial issues during his tenure.  His service has been of exceptional value and appreciated by all.  He will be missed.  We are actively searching for a replacement, either parishioner or outside.

I’d also like to thank the parish volunteers who are supporting the financial functions—the Finance Committee, the All Saints Foundation Board, and the Collection Counters.  Their contributions have been significant and their efforts very much appreciated.

2021 Annual Meeting Financial Facts.png

Vestry liaison: Tom Longin 


What Did We Plan to Do … Goals / Priorities?

With guidance from the rector and senior warden, the committee set as its primary goal for the year the crafting of a year-around stewardship program.  To facilitate this development, it focused on a three-pronged action agenda: 1) review, restructure and renew ASEC’s current ministries and align them strategically with the Vestry’s freshly stated mission, vision and priorities; 2) engage the Vestry and congregation in an educational initiative focused on a deeper understanding of and commitment to stewardship as the path to fulfilling mission; and 3) streamline and strategically align the annual stewardship pledge campaign with the refreshed mission, vision and priorities - undergirded by a more comprehensible narrative budget.

After a preliminary review of the alignment of current ministries, especially with a focus on Priority #2 (strengthen the foundation of All Saints), the Committee recommended creation of a sub-committee of the Vestry to be charged with carrying out a rigorous and deep assessment of the ministries with special attention to alignment with mission and priorities, performance, and sustainability. In addition, the sub-committee was charged to see that a narrative budget was developed and in place, and, ultimately that a monthly plan for stewardship activities was crafted.  

What’s Been Accomplished?

The Vestry sub-committee (ten members of the Vestry) was formed in mid-summer and diligently pursued its ministry review throughout early fall, meeting regularly to ensure progress and engaging members of the ministry clusters in thorough self-assessment.  By early fall, the subcommittee agreed that ASEC was engaged in many valuable activities and programs, but that the church needed to focus strategically on the following mission-sensitive ministries – worship / music; formation / education; caring connections; outreach; social justice; parish life; and membership (sustaining and enhancing).  These ministries would be nurtured and integrated by the organizational functions of communications, finance, and stewardship and undergirded by narrative, programmatic budget.  

Recognizing the need to connect the work of the subcommittee with the on-going efforts of the Stewardship Committee and to initiate preparations for the annual stewardship pledge campaign, the subcommittee arrived at recommendations which served as the ASEC “story” for the campaign.  The effects of the pandemic remained highly visible and were projected to impact significantly the composition of the campaign (including a communication plan and the stewardship packet that would provide context for the pledge appeal) and the calendar of events based on a January-February timeframe.

In its recommendations to the Vestry, the subcommittee formally returned responsibility for stewardship endeavors and the pledge campaign to the Stewardship Committee, which resumed its duties in mid-November. With a solid foundation and infrastructure in place, the committee refined the campaign plan, initiated preparations for the stewardship campaign, implemented the campaign in early January, and formally concluded in mid-February with only a few post campaign activities remaining to be completed.

What’s Been Left Undone? What’s On-Going?

  1. A fully developed, well-articulated year-round stewardship plan

  2. Clearly defined educational initiative to engage Vestry and congregation in a deeper understanding of and commitment to stewardship in its broadest sense – time, talent and treasure

  3. Enhanced collaboration between stewardship, finance and communications

  4. More fully elaborated narrative / program budget to be integrated with the All Saints Story  … mission, vision, priorities, and ministries

stewardship 2021.png
All Saints Foundation


On behalf of the Board of the Foundation, I am pleased to announce that we had a successful 2020 despite the many challenges.  Success can be measured in several ways and our goal here is to outline each success and the impact it has on All Saints.

First, we were pleased to welcome new members to our Pelican Society, the social connection to the Foundation.  Close to 50 individual members of the society have either already contributed financially to the Foundation or they have expressed a commitment.  Their commitments range from bequests directly in their wills, through Donor Advised Funds, IRA transfers, or Life Insurance beneficiaries, etc.  We were grateful to have a number of our members submit our new form that specifies where the donation will come from, but more importantly, how the donor wishes the funds applied.  These funds can be assigned to the Permanent Fund, the Non-Permanent Fund, a combination, or to a specific mission of the church.  In 2021 we will follow up with all members to ensure that we understand their intent with their donation.


With strong financial support, the Foundation was privileged to make the first distribution in 2020 based on prior year’s performance.  Based on our By-Laws, we distributed 3.75% of the average of the previous 5-year performance of the funds to the Vestry.  In 2020 this amounted to $2,719.00 from the Non-Permanent Fund and $15,437.00 from the Permanent Fund for a total of $18,156.00.  The Vestry determined to allocate most of these funds to the Building Reserve Fund.  We are again pleased to announce another distribution of 3.75% of the rolling average at the end of 2020 to the Vestry for use in 2021.  The amounts to distribute are $3,230.69 from the Non-Permanent Fund and $16,397.00 from the Permanent Fund, for a total of $19,627.79.  We closed 2020 with $132,117.86 in the Non-Permanent Fund and $488,424.07 in the Permanent Fund.


To keep the full congregation and our Pelican Society Members informed, we included a mid-year report to all in E-Blasts, created a Fact Sheet and a Prospectus, and sent a specific letter to all Pelicans in the Fall.  In the future we plan to host a workshop to cover the how to and ways to give.  By teaming with the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, and the Episcopal Church Foundation, we will provide practical information for giving. Once clear for in-person meetings, we will host a Pelican Society social event for current and potential Pelican members.

I refer you to the Prospectus found on the website for more in-depth information about the goals, structure, and governance of the Foundation.  Following advice from the Board and nomination by the rector, the new Board members are to be confirmed at the Annual Meeting.  Our two nominees this year are:  2nd partial and 1st full term for Lesley Gilbert and 1st term for new member Jim Titus.  Jim will fill the Board position held by Dottie McIlraith.  Dottie has served the Foundation for several terms, including as Chair.  We will miss her knowledge and wisdom on our Board.  Thank you, Dottie.


At our meeting in January, the Board unanimously voted to bestow the honor of Emeritus-Advisor to Paul Ostergard.  Paul was a founding member of the Foundation, and has long served on the Board and as Chair.  His background and experience with Foundations make him invaluable for our Foundation at All Saints.  We are pleased that he is available to the current and future Boards.


Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Gilbert, Chair

Howard Coonley, Vice Chair

Sara Hall, Recording Secretary

Don Hendrickson

Dottie McIlraith

Carolyn Moore

John Phillips

Mark Szen, Treasurer

The Reverend Denise Trogdon, Rector, Ex-Officio

Adult Christian Education Commission

Vestry liaison: Julie Zeccola


2020 has been a year of adjustment and All Saints has met the challenge beautifully. That can be seen in all aspects of our parish life. Adult Education programs have offered parishioners Spiritual nourishment, despite the pandemic. 


Men’s Morning Forum: A Group of men gather weekly on Tuesday at 8am to explore the Bible, theology, and other relative topics from an open point of view, as well as the upcoming lectionary. Contact: Mark Brinkmann 


Women’s Bible Study: A group of women gather every Tuesday morning on Zoom to read and discuss the readings for the next Sunday. During the past summer they chose to select and discuss popular movies with a Spiritual theme. Contact: Carol Clapp Coonley. 


Christian Spirituality: Book studies with discussions centering on individual’s spiritual journey in Christ. Just before the shutdown the Group read and discussed Pat Amber’s book. 


Off Island Spiritual Group: The Group meets every other Friday on Zoom at 2pm to discuss Spiritual books chosen by the group. Books written by Bishop Curry, Dalai Lama, and Desmond Tutu, Rachel Held Evens, and Richard Rohr, are a few of the books read and discussed. Contact: Julie Zeccola 


Children’s Chapel: Jessie Mcllwee and her daughter can be viewed on our Facebook page. The gospel is read, a workbook of activities is available to download, and a craft is shared every Friday afternoon. Contact: Jessie Mcllwee 


Sunday Adult Formation Program: Crossroads, “where faith and life intersect”, meets every Sunday at 3pm on Zoom. The series features professional video presentations, online speakers, teachings and suggested readings. Every third Sunday includes an alternative worship service such as jazz vespers, Taize, or a coral evensong along with a teaching. Contact: Denise Trogdon


Sacred Ground : Three small groups meet every other week to explore the history of race in America, working towards a better understanding of race and racism and ways to promote racial healing and reconciliation. Contact: Laurie Rotella or Bob Taylor.


 Submitted by Julie Zeccola

Building and Grounds

Vestry Liaison:  Lou Divan


Building and Grounds Key Activities, Events and Status:


A part-time Sexton (Brian Hayes) was hired in January of 2020.


A new cleaning team (Jan-Pro) was hired in late 2019.  There were various issues with the quality of cleaning, resulting in a change in personnel.  The contract was terminated in February of 2021 as Brian Hayes became full-time.


Various roof repairs were made.


A new phone system was installed.


Critter Management paid two visits to eliminate wildlife in the attic.


Church floors and the music suite and carpets were cleaned.  Pew woodwork was refreshed.


The AC unit over the narthex was repaired.  Another unit over the deacon’s office has not yet  been repaired or replaced.  The elevator is out of service, pending negotiation for repair and/or service.  


Three rooms in the pre-school were painted and AC filters replaced.  In addition, hallway lights were changed to LED.


A water leak in the courtyard (likely due to tree intrusion) was discovered in early 2021.  Repair resulted in part of the sidewalk having to be replaced.  


Red Fire Lane signs were added to the parking lot and parking area markings were repainted.  


Some trees were removed from the columbarium area.  New landscaping plantings were added.

Children, Youth & Family Commission

Vestry Liaison:  Brenda Hand

Children’s Chapel began in January and quickly formed a consistent group of children in attendance. A core group of volunteers were given the rotating task of acting as teachers for the day. A lesson plan and craft idea were provided by the Children, Youth and Families Coordinator, Jessie McIlwee. The children enjoyed taking turns to read the gospel each week and always enjoyed taking their crafts back to their parents. 


When services had to be moved online, Children’s Chapel activity paused waiting for regathering news. A weekly online storytime was offered in its place. Stories generally focusing on teaching a lesson of kindness, acceptance, or truthfulness were shared. Due to libraries being closed, the books were selected from the bookshelf of Jessie McIlwee’s daughter, who also joined in on many of the storytime videos. 


Along with in-person Saturday@5 and live-streamed Sunday services beginning in September, Children's Chapel returned in a virtual manner. Jessie McIlwee and her daughter read the weekly gospel, discuss it, and then offer a craft idea for the kids to make at home. The videos are posted to Facebook weekly on Friday afternoons

Communications Commission

Vestry Liaison:  

With the successful completion of several projects over the past couple of years; including the updated website, establishment of routine eblast communications, expanded use of social media tools, the long-term purpose of communications has broadened.  

In general, there is a logical overarching long-term function for the communications of All Saints: 

“To continue to improve the communication of All Saints’ information to the church membership and larger community.” 

This umbrella principle envisions that the communications committee will serve as a creative, collaborative, coordinating group to promote All Saints’ activities and ministries in the context of our new mission, priorities, and objectives with clear, convincing, messaging. 


This, therefore, is not a specific goal but rather a fundamental way of working.


In addition, to the ongoing efforts of communications through the website, eblast, and Facebook the weekly communications now also includes weekly online services, zoom meetings, and zoom communion and fellowship. With the switch to online services beginning in March of 2020, the staff had to transition and quickly learn new programs and talents to make the services happen. The services were first edited together by Director of Communications, Jessie McIlwee, from videos that staff recorded from their homes. The next phase of worship videos were filmed using the new live-streaming equipment and edited together, and finally, where we are now, all services are held live and streamed online. However, the staff wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. There was a large group of volunteers who helped by continuing on in their weekly roles including readers, and members of the altar and flower guilds. 

Streaming equipment was installed and allows All Saints to live-stream our Sunday morning service, and stream other events inside the church. Due to the fact that in-person worship is now held outside on Thursdays and Saturdays, a new outdoor sound system had to be purchased to allow people watching it in-person and those joining us online are able to hear the services adequately. 

Despite the church being “closed” 2020 was an incredibly busy year for communications and the staff as they learned to maximize the technology around us to provide an opportunity for the parish to stay connected.

Outreach Commission

Vestry liaison: Lisa Ghessie


Our Outreach ministries provide a wide range of opportunities for the congregation to serve as a channel of God’s love in our community and beyond. The Outreach Committee oversees, directs, and prioritizes the outreach efforts at All Saints. 


While COVID-19 caused us to put some longstanding outreach efforts on hold, it caused others to be tweaked and new ones to be identified. Through your prayerful support and generosity, we are making a difference in the lives of many in our community. For example:

  • Grocery gift card and monetary donations enable Family Promise to continue sheltering families in need until we can host again.


  • While the 2020 Garden Tour was ultimately cancelled, they were able to hold the poster contest and announce the winner at the Artist’s Reception on March 1.  38 artists submitted artwork.  The winner of the contest was “Along the Path”, a watercolor by Neil Clark.  .  The artwork selected for the 2020 poster by Neil Clark will be used in 2021.  Even with the tour cancelled, donations from parishioners, sponsors, and ticket purchasers enabled us to give the six grant recipients each $1870. That money was a godsend for the St Stephen’s Food Bank as their freezer had just gone bad and they desperately needed a new one. Antioch Education Center’s Backpack Buddies was $2200 short in their attempt to raise $95,600 to provide weekly backpacks to 600 students for the school year. The Garden Tour money (and the remaining $300 donated by Board members) will ensure 11 needy students receive weekend nourishment for the entire year.


  • With our food donations for lunch bags, Grateful Hearts Soup Kitchen has served close to triple the number of regular weekly recipients during the pandemic.


  • Weekly food and essential item donations to the Sandalwood Community Food Pantry are met with joy and enthusiasm. This outreach effort will serve as a springboard for future relationship-building with Queen Chapel AME Church which houses the food pantry. 


  • Through a repurposing of outreach money and an Episcopal Church “Beloved Community” grant award, Hilton Head HS teachers are now able to conduct in-person instruction simultaneously with virtual instruction via Student Technology Fund webcams. We also helped provide internet access to at-risk students not only at the high school but also the middle school to enable them to participate in virtual instruction. 


  • Underprivileged high school students received essential supplies from our re-imagined Angel Tree. In addition, the Neighborhood Outreach Connection was able to reward 50 low-income students with Walmart gift cards from our Angel Tree for faithfully attending the after-school study program.


  • Even during the pandemic, we have been able to safely conduct blood drives and participation has been great.


  • The 2020 Medical Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic was cancelled due to travel concerns with COVID-19.


Social Justice

Our Social Justice ministry is a new ministry at All Saints.  As we continue to welcome diversity and foster mutual respect, we are committed to addressing social justice issues.  Over the past year this ministry, which has overlap with Outreach, has gained momentum.

  • All Saints provided breakfast to community volunteers before embarking on an MLK weekend service project cleaning up local Gullah cemeteries. 


  • Parishioners hosted Voorhees College Choir members in their homes as they performed an MLK weekend concert at All Saints.


  • Many parishioners attended the June Community Rally for Peace, where Rev Pam Farhner spoke for All Saints.


  • Even more participated in the August panel discussion “Seeking Common Ground” hosted by local churches and moderated by Rev Denise Trogdon.


  • A group of parishioners meet regularly for anti-racism and racial healing discussions and learning opportunities.


  • We have a representative on the new Diocesan Racial Justice and Reconciliation Commission. 

Fellowship Commission

Vestry Liaison: Barbara Read


Due to the Covid-19 virus, most fellowship programs did not take place this year from March through December.  The Coffee Guild, Dinner and a Movie (summer program), Grill Night (summer program), Juliets, Memorial Reception Committee, Connection Station, Seasonal Saints, Sunny Saints, and Supper Clubs did not meet during this time.  Episcopal Church Women is no longer meeting.


Coffee Guild - During January and February of 2020, coffee hour continued to be held after the 10:15 Sunday services.   A time of fellowship when members of the various church groups have been asked to provide snacks for the coffee hours and Coffee Guild members provide the set-up, drinks and clean-up, as well as extra food as required.


The Juliets (Joy, Understanding & Love in Eating Together) is a group of women parishioners who get together for breakfast once a month.  This year they met only in February at the British Open Pub in Bluffton. 


The Memorial Reception Committee is a caring ministry that provides receptions for parishioners and their family members to relieve them of having to find a venue and plan for food after a funeral.  No receptions were held in January or February, 2020.  

Seasonal Saints is a group of parishioners who spend part of the year on Hilton Head and surrounding areas and meet for a social gathering once a month.  They met during January, February and March at a different location each time. 


Supper Clubs – There were seven Supper Clubs signed up this year, each including from 7 to 9 people.  In general, these groups meet at a different house each month for dinner.  They only met during the months of January and February due to the virus.


The Men’s Breakfast Group led by Howard Coonley has continued to meet by Zoom once a month throughout the year. 


The Prayer Shawl Ministry continued to meet almost every month, sometimes meeting over Zoom and at other times meeting outside the church.  Many wonderful prayer shawls continued to be made and were blessed, and many have been given away to those in need of comfort.


The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper took place February 25 in the hall.  As always, multiple pancake races were held for various ages with each winner receiving a medal.


All Saints Day -  Lemonade and homemade cookies were served after the November 1 All Saints Day service which was held outside. 


Christmas Eve - 50-60 people stayed after the Christmas Eve service for an outdoor gathering with cocoa and homemade cookies.  Here was another chance to say hello to fellow parishioners.

Welcoming Commission

Vestry liaison: Marilyn Roper

Greeters Chair: Jenifer Gajdalo (8 am), 10:15 am TBD There are several greeters for 8 am who are still planning to serve, and Jenifer will recruit others when the 8 am services prepare to resume. The chair for the 10:15 greeters will need to be named, and more greeters will be recruited when the in person 10:15 services resume. 

Newcomers Events Chair: Peggy Brennan In March 2020 there were a New Members’ Dinner and also a Newcomers’ Sunday when new members of All Saints were introduced to the Parish. During the rest of 2020 there were no more newcomers’ events due to the pandemic. In January 2021 there was a virtual Newcomers’ Event on Zoom. Seven people who had contacted All Saints to ask about becoming members were invited to the Event, and six were able to be present. Four of them have become Members, one has become an Associate Member, and the other two of the seven are in the process of meeting with the clergy to discuss becoming members.

Worship Commission

Vestry liaison: Marjorie Robinson

Due to Covid-19 many of the ministries have been inactive this year. 

When we are back in the church for services there will be a new structure for ushers.


Altar Guild

2020 was a challenging year for All Saints Altar Guild. Four members resigned, due to health issues or moves, and recruiting new members has been challenging, due to limited congregant contacts. We switched from a separate Altar Guild member setting up for each service to a more streamlined process of one member (or husband/wife team) setting up for all three weekly services: Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday; these set-ups were constructed in the Sacristy, and the clergy then moved the set-ups to the proper worship space. Thus, Altar Guild and clergy have had a slightly harder task, but everyone has pitched in and made these services happen.We are a resilient group!


On a more positive note, the John Mikita Family Trust gave Altar Guild a generous gift, which Denise and Mark earmarked for filling out our Advent vestments. New chasuble, two stoles, and super frontal have been ordered, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these beautiful items which will enrich our Advent worship.


Respectfully submitted by Nancy Binford

Altar Guild Chair


Centering Prayer

The Centering Prayer Group has been meeting after the outside Thursday morning Eucharist service (when it is not raining or too cold).  Our meetings are always open to anyone who cares to join us, and we can be flexible in changing days or adding a day.  For more information, please call Loni Saunders at 843-686-3990.  We usually have silence for 20 mins, intercessory prayers and close with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Loni Saunders


Flower Guild 

Kelly Richard and Cissy Brennan, Co-Chairs

It has been a difficult year for all due to COVID-19and that includes the Flower Guild.

  1. Our membership went from thirteen members in January 2020 to six members in December 2020.

  2. During much of the year while the church was closed no flower arrangements were prepared.

  3. With the onset of live-streaming the Sunday 10:15 service, flower arrangements are once again prepared to be used at that service. After the service, three small arrangements are made from the flowers to be delivered to shut-ins.  These are ready for delivery by Tuesday morning.

  4. The Guild prepared flower arrangements for one funeral in 2020.

  5. The sanctuary was decorated for Easter and Christmas.

  6. The cost for parishioners to make flower donations remains at $40. 

Respectfully submitted by Cissy Gibbons

Flower Guild Co-chair



2020 What a year! The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken much of what we came to accept as “business as usual.” It has been a hard year, even for those of us who have been able to stay healthy, safe, and economically secure. Despite the horrible effects of the virus on the life and ministry at All Saints, particularly discontinuation of in-person worship, it challenged us as a staff to think outside-of-the-box in how we ministered to God’s people. For All Saints, it pushed the parish into the technological era, where meetings and worship happened online. 


Parish Choir   

The Parish Choir was disbanded after the Second Sunday of Lent, and at the writing of this report mid-February, the full choir has not returned. During the pandemic, we utilized zoom for social gatherings on Thursday evening and email check-ins. Choir members were encouraged to keep singing from home and to seek out warm-up exercises that would keep their voices agile. 


Chamber Choir 

The Chamber Choir is made up of 8 members of the Parish Choir. This ensemble was reduced to a quartet that sang both as a group of 4 and solo as cantors. The entire music ministry has rested on the time and talents of these individuals.


All Saints Ringers

All Saints ringers was disbanded in March and at the writing of this report mid-February, the ensemble has not met. The handbells were shipped off to Jeffer’s Handbells and received a full-service, which had not been done since the church purchased the bells


All Saints Concert Series

Regrettably, but understandably, the concert series was cancelled for the 2020/2021 season. Artists and groups were asked to transfer their contract agreements to 2021/2022 season. All members accepted the change of date. 


Third Sundays at Three

Like the concert series, the 3rd Sunday at 3 services were cancelled for the year. These services will begin again in February 2021.



Many members of music ministry have dropped off, no longer attend Zoom gatherings nor write back on check-in days. This seems to be common among other churches and with my colleagues. There will need to be a period of rebuilding once things return to a new normal. 



COVID-19 did not give the music staff a sabbatical, reduced hours, or a vacation. Truthfully, COVID-19 caused the staff, including all musicians to work harder. More hours were put into planning, rehearsing, revamping plans, working with new and old technology, and actually leading worship. The only difference was that staff worked mostly from home vs. at church. Personally, I took 1 week of vacation in 2020.



During COVID-19, we were able to continue paying our professional music staff for Saturday@5. The 10:15am Sunday service featured several professional musicians from Savannah who served as cantors. 


Moving Forward 

As we continue to monitor virus percentages, with the hopes of returning to in-person worship the music ministry will both continue to strive for a high level of musical excellence and offer the highest caliber of music for the liturgy. It my hopes that all the programs offered before COVID will return, with the addition of other programs geared towards children and youth in the community.


A partner in ministry, 

Dr. Jason A. Wright