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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting:
Sunday, January 28
Click here for the digital version of the 2023 Annual Report
Rector’s Report

Rev. Denise Trogdon, Rector

The Lord has told us what is good. What God requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God. (Micah 6:8 The Good News Translation)


Greetings All Saints Friends,


What a privilege it has been to watch our community grow in faith, in service and in fellowship this year! We have returned to most of our pre-Covid practices, with the added flexibility of streaming services and zoom attendance for ministry meetings. There has been a definite increase in energy, attendance and engagement in both ministries and worship.


We hired a new Associate Rector, Katie Presley this summer. She and her wife, Aly, are a wonderful addition to All Saints, and they share many gifts with us. Katie has strengthened our Adult Formation program and has restructured our New Member ministry. Katie brings a fresh perspective and is a great partner in liturgical and pastoral leadership. Aly, has provided support and consultation to the Child Development Center, and is involved in many aspects of parish welcome and hospitality.


We have introduced exciting new initiatives this year. The Child Development Center, which provides quality child care and preschool education for underserved families, opened in September, and currently has 11 students. This new program was developed as an outreach effort to our neighbors in need, and was an outgrowth of Sacred Ground. We hired a director, and two teachers and are actively getting the word out to the community. We are now licensed and work with the state for grant funding. Many volunteer opportunities are available. While we are in startup mode, we need your support to make this program strong. We also added the Circles program this year, working with Deep Well to provide meals for their program designed to give families tools for success. The women of All Saints joined in the first, annual Women's retreat at Camp St. Christopher's. We filled all available slots and look forward to another retreat next year.

All Saints fellowship has provided robust coffee hours with Jen Neyhouse as the Kitchen Coordinator. We resumed Clergy welcome coffees for visitors. Supper clubs and Seasonal Saints have been well attended. The Episco-Pals welcomed new members. Thanksgiving Dinner was re-energized (with the leadership of the Colegroves) and was a great success!


The music program has flourished under Suade Anderson's leadership. This year we hired Mollie Nichols, as our part-time organist and Assistant Director of Music. She comes with 35 years of Music leadership and adds a wonderful new dimension to our music. Our choir is growing and we are enjoying the handbell choir again. All Saints on Broadway was a big hit!


Pastoral Care ministries are thriving under the supervision of Senior Associate Pam Fahrner. She enlisted Margaret Collins and Blake Robinson to facilitate the lay pastoral committee, which introduced new programs such as Christmas caroling at the health facilities, and a workshop on memory and the brain. A grief group is still being offered each year. The clergy provide weekly pastoral care and the lay pastoral group is a huge support, coordinating meals, flowers and lay eucharistic and pastoral visits.


This year most of our buildings and Grounds work has been to maintain the major work done over the last three years such as air conditioning, roof and painting and wood repair. The Columbarium committee was re-formed. In 2023 they did significant maintenance to the Columbarium and have engaged outside partners to work on future columbarium expansion.


We are blessed to have a talented and committed staff. I extend my deep gratitude to Tessa Hahn our Administrator; Jessie McIlwee, our communications director; Blair Milburn, finance; Becky Forbes, Treasurer and Jack Case (emeritus Treasurer); Brian Hayes, Buildings and Grounds; Suade Anderson and Mollie Nichols, Music; Meghan Theolbald, Child Development Center; Katie Presley, Pam Farhner and Kerry Smith, clergy, and our Chaplain, Blake Robinson. Also a sincere thank you to the many volunteers who cover the front desk. They are the faithful team members who work daily to make All Saints welcoming. Our devoted vestry, wardens and ministry leaders spend countless hours, faithfully implementing God's vision for this parish. We are truly blessed with so many gifts that have made our foundation strong. Together we are deeply rooted and growing as a vital community of faith.


Blessings and Peace,


Senior Warden Report


This year has been one of renewal and growth. We have had new staff join us, old programs redirected, new ministries started, and improvements to our campus continued.


In June, Katie Presley joined us as our new Associate Priest. She graciously shares her enthusiasm and talents with us. Her primary responsibilities are Newcomers, Adult Formation, and, of course, Worship. She and her wife, Aly, are making significant contributions to the life of the parish. In addition, in December, Mollie Nichols joined us as full-time organist, adding to our already thriving music program, and we are enjoying her gifts every Sunday. Also, Meghan Theobold joined us as the director of the Child Development Center, and she has guided the re-focusing of the program.


The All Saints Child Development Center has transformed the old Preschool and redirected it to provide greater opportunities for child care and development for the community. The Center provides extended hours and is directly linked to the 4K program from the state. The Center is off to a good start, and in addition to Meghan, we have hired Gina Gold and Ashley Mills to staff the program. We anticipate many volunteer opportunities for parishioners this coming year.


The parking lot was repaired and resurfaced as we continue to improve the campus. We also replaced a HVAC unit for the library. The Columbarium renovation and repair has begun, and we are planning and addition for this year.


As my term on the Vestry comes to an end, I can take a longer perspective on the changes of the last three years. We have gone from Covid pandemic restrictions, like only on-line services, to outdoor services, to socially distanced services, to regular services. Fellowship ministries have reconvened and grown. Attendance is back to pre-pandemic levels. Throughout these changes, the congregation has remained faithful and supportive. Having seen them at work behind the scenes, I cannot stress enough how hard the clergy and staff have worked to keep us on track! They are an incredible blessing to us all.

In addition to the parking lot, we have put a new roof on the sanctuary and office and have painted and repaired the trim of the entire church. These acts of preventive maintenance give us a sound, secure, and beautiful building. These projects were not budgeted, but our Building Reserve Fund and your generous support made them possible.


Throughout these challenges, the support of the parish has been strong and steady. Despite not meeting in our regular ways, pledges stayed strong, and our giving has increased. This year, we are presenting an annual budget with a small projected surplus! Naturally, we always need more of your gifts of time, talents, and treasure, but needing more is a sign of a vital, growing parish. We are starting 2024 in a place of strength, with enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Associate Rector 

The Rev. Katie Presley

To the faithful of All Saints Episcopal Church,


It is with great joy and gratitude that I write to give the Associate Rector’s 2023 Annual Report. Though I have only been in this position since June 2023, together we have accomplished great things at All Saints and throughout Hilton Head, Bluffton, and in the Diocese of South Carolina. My primary areas of responsibility have included revitalizing our Newcomer’s Ministry, deepening our Adult Formation programming, and providing a pastoral connection to our newly opened Child Development Center (CDC).


In September 2023, we held a New Member Luncheon and formally welcomed 22 new members. The luncheon included a time of fellowship and brief presentation about our various ministry areas. Beginning in October, the clergy re-introduced a monthly “Coffee with the Clergy” - a special coffee hour held in the library following the 10:15 service where visitors and those interested in membership could talk with clergy to find out more about All Saints.


A few different Adult Formation offerings have been introduced on a “trial” basis to determine how best to meet the needs of the parish. In the Fall, a 6-week thematic New Testament study was offered following the 10:15 service. Though light in attendance, those who participated found their faith deepened and their knowledge of Scripture increased. A church-wide Advent devotional was introduced with two opportunities to gather for reflection. Sacred Ground continued for its 4th year with a group consisting of 7 participants and 2 co-facilitators. And finally, All Saints had its first-ever retreat in November 2023 when almost 30 women gathered at St. Christopher Camp & Conference Center for a weekend of worship, fellowship, prayer, and rest!

My last major area of responsibility is as the pastor to the CDC. Each week I gather with our 3- and 4-year-old students for a time of chapel. Meghan Theobold (CDC Director) and I have worked together on events to connect the church members and the preschool families, including a Blessing of the Backpacks, a Trunk-or-Treat, and a holiday cookie decorating party.


And finally, I’d like to offer updates on my wider Church involvement. At the 2023 Diocesan Convention, I was elected to serve a 3-year term on Diocesan Council. I also continue to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve as the chaplain to the 1189th Transportation Brigade in North Charleston, SC. I am humbled by my vocational calling and the opportunity to serve as your priest, to serve the Diocese of South Carolina, and to serve soldiers and veterans. I ask your prayers as we move into 2024 and seek to be a place where all of God’s beloved can find a place to belong.



In Christ,


All Saints Preschool 

Director Meghan Theobald

All Saints Child Development Center re-opened on September 5, 2023. We provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for three and four year old children. The child development center is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Over the next year, our goal is to increase our enrollment in both the three and four year old classrooms. We are licensed to serve 40 children, 20 three year olds and 20 four year olds. Over the past several months we have made advertising and marketing to families in need of preschool a top priority.


ASCDC opened with three staff members and two children. Meghan Theobald, the Director; Ashley Mills, our 4K teacher, who is a graduate of the All Saints preschool program (in the late 90’s) and Gina Gold, our teacher assistant who is a parishioner at ASEC. Over the past 4 months we have welcomed 9 more children to the Child Development Center. We look forward to enrolling more children throughout the year!

All Saints Child Development Center is extremely appreciative and grateful to the ASEC parishioners who have donated both their time and financial resources in support of the CDC. We have had many All Saints volunteers participate at events including Trunk or Treat, Holiday Cookie Party and Advent Wreath Day as well as volunteering in the classroom reading books and playing with the children. There have been several donations made to the CDC which we are extremely thankful for. We look forward to continued support from our community in the new year to help us continue to grow and educate future generations!


ASCDC proudly participates in South Carolina’s First Steps 4K program, a state funded FREE full-day four year old kindergarten for income eligible children and families. We are currently providing education and care for five 4K students. Currently, there are 11 children enrolled at the Child Development Center. When we have 13 children enrolled, we will be able to participate in ABC Quality, a state funded program that will provide scholarships for three year old children as well as grants to help support All Saints Child Development Center. Our CDC family is made up of students that are self-paying families, First Steps 4K families and scholarship families, we are an all-inclusive program where everyone is welcome.

We were recently given an incredible opportunity by the Zuniga Family, owners of Tio’s Latin-American Kitchen in Shelter Cove, to partner with the CDC and hold a fundraiser at their restaurant. The Zuniga’s son, Becker, attends All Saints Child Development Center and they have been extremely helpful and supportive in promoting the CDC. The fundraiser at Tio’s will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm. A portion of the proceeds raised will be donated to the CDC. With the goal of ASCDC to help and serve children and families in our community, we are working hard to grow and promote All Saints Child Development Center.

Finance Commission

Chair: Bob Colegrove


Through the generosity of its parishioners, as well as the dedication and hard work of staff and volunteers, All Saints accomplished much on the financial front during 2023:

  • Operating Fund revenues, however narrowly, exceeded expenses for the first time in several years.

  • Maintenance reserves were adequate to cover all capital maintenance items, including major kitchen appliances and HVAC repairs and replacement.

  • The Columbarium received much-needed attention, and continued improvements are in the planning process. The source of funding is the Columbarium Fund which was established in prior years for this express purpose.

  • The Garden Tour distributed a total of $34,200 to six local charities.

  • The Child Development Center re-opened with a new name and an expanded mission, funded by COVID-era funds and a $40,000 grant from the State of South Carolina.

  • The All Saints Foundation received $75,000 in new contributions in 2023 and, with the help of a favorable investing environment, ended the year with a market value of $781,000.

  • The Finance Office, with the advice and assistance of our external auditor, made improvements to the accounting system resulting in enhanced financial reporting and analysis capabilities.


Dana Duncan


Greetings from the Stewardship Committee! This year’s theme, “Deeply Rooted – Growing Together,” resonated greatly with our parish. As we ended 2023 we had received 189 pledges totaling $743,414 which brings us to 91% of our goal of $810,000.


Closing the Gap - We currently have 41 pledges that are outstanding. We continue to follow up with these members as the campaign winds down and throughout the month of January. Additionally, All Saints is blessed with new members throughout the year and these generous gifts help reduce the gap. Based on this gap analysis, the Finance Committee sets the upcoming budget for final Vestry approval.


Two planning initiatives developed during this campaign – Have been implemented, to help our parishioners and Finance Committee plan for our 2024 mission work.

They are:


Specific pledge “The Ask” – The Most important planning question from our members is, How much should I give? How much does All Saints need? Similarly, to set the upcoming budget the Finance Committee asks, how much will we get in pledges?

To help both members and the Finance Committee determine this, we restructured the pledge card to show last year’s giving commitment and added, “the ask” for the upcoming year. Our hope was this change helped everyone plan for the 2024 stewardship giving campaign.


Plate Giving vs. Commitment Giving - The second major planning objective was to convert “plate giving” to “commitment giving”. Commitment giving provides clarity as to the amount of money All Saints will have to carry out our mission in the coming year. This is critical information that allows the Vestry and Finance Committee to prepare a sound and realistic budget. These efforts are providing some initial success, but we still have a ways to go. We will continue to focus on this goal to achieve the Mission of All Saints.


Finally, the Stewardship Team would like to thank you for all you do for All Saints and for continuing to be the strong foundation that allows us all to grow together!

Building and Grounds

With regards to the many buildings around our campus, 2023 was all about maintaining all the new items purchased in 2022 (ie: new roof, new paint, new stove, new refrigerator) Much of the year was focused on cleaning out and preparing for our new Childhood Development center which opened its doors during Summer 2023. The following is a recap of the majority of the maintenance and repair that occurred during 2023.


  • A new gas line was run for the seven pilot lights on the new range

  • Removed furniture and scrubbed floors in chapel

  • Oiled alter guild piano tables for candles (all wood) for Easter services

  • Set up, broke down and cleaned up for many events, services, and funerals

  • Worked with Custom Security Techs for installation of new security system, including

  • cameras, detectors and sensors

  • Extracted and dried Narthex carpet due to HVAC overflow

  • Shampooed upstairs carpets

  • Installed new banners for Saturday @5 change and new CDC registration

  • Worked on and repaired units in the Nartha

  • Replaced AC Unit #4- Library, Foyer & Hallways

  • Filters replaced in the (18) HVAC units

  • New sink disposal was installed




Childhood Development Center

  • Removed unwanted furniture and repaired others

  • Help prepare preschool for state inspection

  • Deep cleaning for re-opening CDC

  • Gate repair company was contacted for repair

  • Window replaced

  • Gutters cleaned out from kitchen to pre school



Adult Spiritual Education

Centering Prayer

Following the Thursday morning Eucharist, participants gather for a simple method of prayer that emphasizes silence to practice how to rest in quiet awareness of God’s presence..Thursdays at 11:15 a.m upstairs in ASEC’s caring Connections office.

Contact Loni Saunders 843-686-3990 or the church office 843-681-8333


Christian Spirituality   

The 2nd annual ASEC Lenten Prayer Vigil, was held March 15th from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Planned by Peggy Brennan, Loni Saunders, Laura Kling, Carole Galli, Nancy Tillinghast and Rev. Denise, the program included a simple luncheon prepared by the Daughters of the King. The theme was Tending the Sacred Space in Relationships and approximately 47 people attended all or part of the day. Stations of the Cross were mounted around the ASEC courtyard and printed booklets were offered for self-guided meditation. 

The annual ecumenical Womens’ Prayer Service, organized by Carole Galli, was held October 24th  at LDS from 2-3 pm with light refreshments served following. The event has grown to include five church parishes this year: LDS, Unity, CBY, First Presbyterian and ASEC. Each church provided two readers and a minimum of two singers. In addition to the vocalists, music was provided by Pam Cooper on the flute, Lauren Stuligross on the oboe, and pianists Molly Nichols, Marry Woodmansee Green and Beth Corry.

In the fall, Katie Presley offered a Bible study with discussions centering on an individual’s spiritual journey in Christ. The study was based on New Testament themes explored in the Kerygma Bible Study. Meetings took place after the 10:15 am Sunday Service, which has been discontinued due to lack of participation.

Contact Rev. Katie Presley, , 843-681-8333

Inquirer’s Classes    

Designed for those preparing for Confirmation, Reception, or Re-affirmation of Baptismal Vows, this 5 week series of classes intends to help people explore their faith more deeply as well as learn about the church. The program explores the foundation of Episcopal traditions in preparation for Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation. An Inquirer’s Class will be held in January 2024 in preparation for the bishop’s visit in February 2024.

Contact: Rev. Denise Togdon, , 843-681-8333

Men’s Morning Forum     

The men’s forum is an online group of 5-8 current and prior ASEC members who meet weekly online from 8-9 am. In May, the group completed its year-long focus on a study of scripture, old and new, with a course titled “Apocryphal Jesus“, a 24-week streaming series on non-canonical Christian writings from the early centuries CE. Following, the group viewed and discussed the “Living the Questions” DVD entitled “Painting the Stars: Science, Religion and an Evolving Faith”..They also planned  to view/discuss  a Great Courses DVD: “History of Christian Theology”, a series of lectures by Professor Phillip Cary, Ph.D. All interested men are welcome to join this group. They meet weekly via zoom from 8-9 am

Contact Kerry Smith or Howard Coonley 


Off Island Spiritual Book Group    

January-April, the group read and discussed The Luminous Web, by Barbara Brown Taylor and  Verna Dozier’s book The Dream of God and met twice monthly Jan-Jun and Sept-Dec. They enjoyed a celebratory lunch in May.   Contact Julie Zeccola


Sacred Ground  

A film and readings-based dialogue series on race, grounded faith and documented in history. Small groups are invited to walk through chapters of America’s history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identity.

Katie and Tom Longin, both graduates of Sacred Ground, co-facilitated the 20 23 program of 12 sessions and continue to meet with 6-8 parishioners via zoom on a biweekly basis. 

Laurie Rotella reported working very closely with St. Mark's in Port Royal as they offer the Sacred Ground program for the first time. She would like to see All Saints recognized for sharing our materials, offering suggestions and support, and widening the impact of this program.

On April 3rd, Laurie gave a presentation on the Sacred Ground program to Bridge Builders( outreach ministry @ St. Andrew-by-the-Sea).  They too will consider offering the Sacred Ground program in the near future and we have committed to helping them. In addition, we are sharing support and materials with St Frances in-the-Field Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra, Florida as they get ready to launch Sacred Ground for the first time. Their two facilitators will be our very own Dana Guazzo(former ASEC parishioner) and Rick Lindsey, our former Rector!

A special Litany of Repentance from the Sacred Ground program was held at All Saints following the 10:15 service on Sunday, March 12th 

On April 16th, All Saints hosted a Sacred Ground Reunion in Gordon Mann Hall. 

Contact Rev.Katie Presley , 843-681-8333 or Laurie Rotella 


Small Groups and Seasonal Opportunities 

From time to time, small groups emerge around an interest in a topic, and seasonal classes or programs are offered, such as the Bon Voyage Series organized by Rev. Pam or Grief Support Group series presented by Peggy Brennan and Blake Robinson.


The first annual Womens’ Retreat was held Nov 2nd-4th at Camp St. Christopher. Organized and executed by our clergy, the program centered upon the theme, Once Upon a Time: Our Story, God’s Purpose; all 23 women present were encouraged to own/share their individual stories and, together, they made a joyful noise in songs of praise and thanksgiving!


The first annual Men’s Fall Forum, was held at ASEC on November 10th from 10-3 with 30 attending. Organized by Kerry Smith and Howard Coonley, the theme was Journeys. 


Advent: Our clergy recommended Walter Bruegemann’s book, Celebrating Abundance:Devotions for Advent.and offered group discussion opportunities. 


Grief Support Group

In 2023, a grief Support group series (5 weeks) was offered in the spring. A fall group was offered, and because participants included two people, Blake and I decided to meet with them one-on-one vs. a group setting in communication with our clergy and with our ear to the ground. We will continue to pay close attention to the needs of our parishioners to determine the best time to offer group support for those bereaved in 2024. Blake and I are available as needed in conjunction with our clergy throughout the year.

Contact Peggy Brennan or Blake Robinson 


Humble Ponderings-Sunday Adult Class

Offered at 9:15 am in the library, these classes by Pat Brown focus on the Sunday gospel and concurrent biblical, theological, sacramental, spiritual, ethical and historical themes through works of art, iconography, reflections and discussion questions. Pat distributes the Sunday assignment weekly via email to those who express interest and attend. Attendance varies from 4-8.

Contact Pat Brown at


Womens’ Bible Study

A group of 6-12 women, both current and former ASEC parishioners, who meet Tuesday mornings via zoom from 10:15 am-11:30 am. We typically discuss the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday. For Lent, the summer months, and Advent, we select a book to read and discuss. During 2023, we chose the following:

  • Lent: A Way Other than Our Own by Walter Bruggemann

  • Summer: Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices From the East and West(Compass)

  • Advent: Preparing for Christmas: Daily Meditations for Advent by Richard Rohr

Contact Denise Trogdon, or Carol Coonley

Welcoming Commission

Vestry liaison: Marilyn Roper

The purpose of the All Saints Welcoming Ministries is to let people know that we are glad they have come to All Saints and we want to help them find a home with us. This is true for people coming for the first time and for people who attend regularly.

Sunday morning Greeters reach out to people as they come to church on Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. and at 10:15 aim, as well as at special services, such as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We have teams of Greeters who sign up throughout the year to meet people as they arrive and help them to know All Saints has a place for them.

Our Newcomers Ministry is designed to help newcomers get to know the clergy atnd other people in the congregation, to learn more about the history and life of All Saints, and to explore opportunities for them to participate at All Saints.

People who are interested in becoming members meet with our Rector, attend a Newcomers Luncheon with other newcomers, clergy and lay leaders, learn about the responsibilities of membership, and are introduced to the Congregation at a following worship service. This past September we had a Newcomers luncheon in the Parish Hall. Twenty two newcomers attended, along with clergy, the Senior Warden, several Vestry members, and members of the Newcomers Ministry team.

The Connection Station is open during coffee hour after the 10:15 Sunday Worship Service. Volunteers are there to provide information, answer questions, and provide brochures about All Saints activities and services. Many people work together to make All Saints a truly Welcoming Home for us all!

Worship and Music Commission January 2023

Vestry Liaisons: Howard Coonley and Jerry Simmons



Lay Readers and Acolytes

Despite the many changes in our Lay Eucharist Minister/ Acolyte program during 2023, the team has seamlessly performed their important roles in our services with excellence and dedication. On May 1, Brad Tufts retired from his role as coordinator of the Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Acolytes after 19 years of dedicated service and I assumed those responsibilities. At that time, we had 10 adult servers and 1 teen acolyte which made scheduling a challenge when people are away for holidays and the summer. Since Lay Eucharist Ministers must be licensed by the Diocese to administer communion outside of the normal services, and none of our servers wanted to do that, and since we only had 1 Acolyte to carry the cross, I reassigned roles and responsibilities and combined all the servers into one Altar Server category which makes scheduling and assigning responsibilities much easier. By May, we were able to recruit 5 new, experienced Altar Servers so that now we have 15, all of whom do a great job in helping make our services inspirational.

Many of the Altar Server vestments are old and worn, so with the gracious help of Nancy Binford, we raised the money from several of our generous congregants to replace six albs and cinctures for the Altar Servers to wear.
As we go into 2024, I am hoping to recruit at least 5 new Altar Servers to assist in the upcoming year. 
The Venerable Kerry J. Smith, Deacon


Altar Guild

Altar Guild membership is currently holding steady with approximately twenty-three members of both sexes. We have enough volunteers to double up on Sundays 10:15; this practice allows for a reduced work load and fun fellowship for the partners.


Training for new members occurs via a new person "shadowing" an experienced member, until he or she feels ready to solo. On Saturday, December 2, 2023, we had a formal training session with Denise; she reviewed Altar protocol and also discussed the new practice of setting up the Common Cup. We also cleaned and polished silver and brass; this workday saves the church money by avoiding professional treatment of brass and silver. We were then treated to lunch in the parish hall by the rector.

We have been blessed by generous gifts from parishioners, who were consulting our AG Wish List. We have two new Ciboriums (anonymous donor); new white burse, veil, and chasuble/stole (Jeep and Shirley Pearse). Our collection of white vestments is now complete, and we are beginning to enhance our red (Pentecost Worship & Music Report Year End 2023 and Martyr Days). Already, we have a new red veil and burse (Marjorie and Blake Robinson). Monies for additional red linens have been donated, and these items have been ordered for future delivery: red superfrontal (Roberta Tebrake); red lectern hangings (Brad Tuffs, Margaret Sarner); red Deacon’s stole (Caroline McVitty), red Pastor’s stole (Colleen Beach). These lovely items will enhance the worship of all parishioners.


In addition, we replaced five worn and frayed albs and cinctures (Loni and David Sanders, Brad Tuffs, Jim Titus, Faith Hahn). I know that acolytes and servers, as well as the congregation, appreciate these generous gifts. We also kept up with our needs for altar candles (sanctuary and chapel), credence candles, wine, and wafers, of course.


The Altar Guild is a quiet but very fulfilling ministry, and we all appreciate the honor of our call to serve God and God’s people. 

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Binford

Altar Guild Chair


Centering Prayer

We continue to meet upstairs at approx 10:30 on Thursdays following the 10 am Eucharist and Healing Service. All are welcome. Juliets is thriving and all newcomers and visitors are welcome to this no agenda breakfast at 9:30 the third Wednesday of each month at British Open Pub, Bluffton. 

Respectfully submitted,

Loni Saunders


Daughters of the King

As we were all emerging from the restrictions and separation, we had experienced during the covid pandemic, our DOK Chapter was experiencing a lack of community and purpose. We had even considered the possibility that our chapter might disband. Our then President, Candace sought guidance from Rev. Denise Coggins, wisely. Rather than make a firm decision so soon after emerging from a disruptive period, Rev. Denise suggested that our chapter set aside some time for discernment. Many of our members had been DOK members for quite a long time and it was suggested, and we decided, to repeat the Training Study for membership that had been updated in 2021.


At the completion of the Training Study, we met as a group with Denise and agreed that we felt spiritually renewed and wanted to continue as a chapter, but might alter some of our activities and efforts.


The first Sunday in August DOK sponsored the Sunday Coffee Hour and had information displayed that explained the Order and some information pamphlets as well as photos and scrapbooks from our past chapter activities. We began a Training Study with 6 interested parish women on Augustn23 and celebrated the annual Renewal of Vows Service as well as the Admission Service for 4 new members on All Saints Day, November 1. These services were live streamed on Our ASEC Facebook page so that DOK members who currently do not attend a church with a DOK Chapter (daughters referred to as Daughters-at-Large) might be ale to renew their vows. The other 2 candidates has personal issues that interrupted their studies and may complete the program in the near future.


During Advent our chapter read “Preparing for Christmas” by Richard Rohr. This book was also chosen by the Women’s Bible Study Group to which several of our chapter members belong. This seemed a good way to accommodate both groups.


We engaged with the ASEC Child Development Center to make Advent Wreaths on November 30. We plan to continue to with the CDC staff to explore other ways we might become involved with this vital outreach ministry.


All Saints DOK Chapter will host one of three scheduled Regional SC DOK Assembly meetings on February 3. This is a business and informational meeting in the Northern, Central and Southern tiers of the SC Assembly.


Once again ASEC DOK will sponsor an Ingathering of needed items for Hopeful Horizons, a children’s advocacy, domestic violence and rape crisis center in Beaufort that has branch offices in Bluffton and Walterboro. Support of Hopeful Horizon is the annual service project of the Southern tier of the SC DOK Assembly.


DOK will prepare the luncheon for the 3rd Annual Lenten Prayer Vigil on March 13.


The SC Assembly DOK Spring Retreat is April 12-14 at Camp St. Christopher and Triennial is June 26-30 in Louisville, KY. The theme is “A New Day Dawning” Jenifer Gajdalo, ASEC DOK Chapter President

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild continues to operate smoothly, arranging flowers for Sundays, funerals and special events. Weekly, the Guild also prepares at least three small arrangements which are delivered to shut ins in the community. Although the price of flowers and flower arranging materials have gone up, the Guild’s expenses have remained within budget. Cissy Gibbons stepped down aNer five years as co-chair of the Flower Guild. Jacquie Jouanet has assumed Cissy’s job and will co-chair the Guild with Kelly Richard. Cissy will conCnue as a member of the Flower Guild and arrange flowers. The Guild consists of nine loyal, creaCve members. They are Carol Cupit, Wendy Dickes, Debby Duncan, Marilyn Fraley, Cissy Gibbons, Jacquie Jouanet, Joyce Nagel, Kelly Richard and Ellen Simmons. Wendy Dickes was added as a flower arranger this year. 

A new floral refrigerator was installed in the Flower Guild Room making it possible to keep flowers fresh longer.


Kelly Richard and Jacquie Jouanet 



The weekly Sat@5 eucharist continues to be a vibrant part of the worship ministry at ASEC with an average attendance of 40-45 per week, many of whom are newer and younger members. A coordinating team of 4 meet twice each month with the clergy to review the service and plan related activities. During the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) the service changed from Saturday @5 to Sunday @5 to ease the travel for those who live off the island.

A unique feature of the service is the level of parishioner participation. From readers, media, ushers and hospitality, over 50 of us actively support and participate in the worship service. Prayers of the people read by volunteers from the congregation is another way that participation is encouraged. A special feature of Sat@5 is hospitality time right after the service in the same venue, Hospitality features serious snacks made by members of our hospitality team along with wine and soft drinks. Hospitality is key to strengthening the ties between visitors, new and continuing members, and clergy. This is a time that many look forward to each week to share their faith with others.

Saturday @ 5 services included several special events and activities in 2023:

• All things Katie: welcome reception, and celebrations of ordination, wedding, and formal acceptance into ASEC

• Hosting the Mardi-Gras party for the entire parish community

• Blessing of the prayer shawls

• Easter vigil

• Pentecost

• All Saints Episcopal Church Homecoming

• All Saints Day • The welcoming of new members and reception

• Blessings for parishioners who moved away from the area

• The family Christmas Eve service has been in the style of Saturday @5 for the past two years, with about 200 participants from both the Saturday @ 5 and the Sunday services.


In the spirit of integrating ALL members of ASEC into key services, Sat@5 members provided all post-service hospitality, 6 readers, 2 chalice bearers, 2 ushers and several musicians. Sat@5 wants to specifically acknowledge critical support each week from the Altar Guild and Music ministries. We are most grateful for their help.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Hackett



2023 Was a Fantastic for All Saints Music Ministry. We started the year off strongly with the resurrection of the Saints on Broadway Benefit Concert which proved to be a smashing success with additional funds to support the Music Ministry's Mission totaling over $4000. With these funds, we were able to hire extra musicians to play during our Sunday services more frequently than previous years, including Cello, Violin, Flute, Oboe, Harp, Trumpet and a Brass Quartet. We premiered a number of new anthems, sounded the bells numerous times under the direction of Anneliza Itkor, added membership to our ranks of Singers and Bell Ringers and even said Goodbye to Carol and Sherm Barker. In late July, We began a conversation with Mollie Nichols which would result in her becoming Staff as of January 1st, 2024. We're looking forward to everything that is possible in 2024 and the future with an Organist and Accompanist of her acclaim supporting us. A big thank you to all the singers, ringers, musicians, supporters, and lovers of music who help us do what we do with their time, talent, and/or treasure. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Suede Anderson


2023 was again a year of busy church holiday seasons around Easter, Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany services. Sadly, it was also a year of many funerals and memorial services. The ushers did a wonderful job of covering all, as needed. Happily, we have added three new ushers to Usher Teams, as well as five new Substitute Ushers. We still need more ushers, especially some who are not Seasonal Saints. 


Respectfully submitted,

Howard Coonley

Social Justice


Lunch and Learns

February - United Way - M. Douthat - 12 attendees

April - Circles/Deep Well - Savannah Vasquez - 12 Attendees

May. - Boys/Girls Clubs - Kim Likens - 10 Attendees


Prayer Vigil

Essential activity for ASEC. Co-sponsored by the DOK. Fuller report submitted elsewhere. Note: Sacred Ground organized a Litany of Repentance service two days prior to this year’s Prayer Vigil


MLK Weekend

Was scheduled from January 7, 2023 through January 28, 2023


SC Restorative Justice Initiative

George Higgins, SCRJI Coordinator to circle back with ASEC after the first of the year.


Liaison Program with Local Religious Groups

Social Justice Ministry members will lease with:

• Christ Lutheran

• Unitarian Universal Congregation of the Low Country

• Latter day saints,Unity

• Beth yam

• First Presbyterian Church


Next Steps

Poll the SGM membership to determine future interest and to ensure full attendance and participation in Monthly meetings.

Additional items for consideration:

• Mass incarceration

• Volunteer programs at middle and high school levels

• Hate Crime legislation

• Volunteers in Medicine (VIM): the new director


What is the future of the L&L program?

• involve the church community more fully in the L & Ls?

Note: The SJM meeting schedule was truncated due to Sherm moving out of the state plus my several necessary absences for health reasons


Respectfully submitted: Zeke Hanzl


Vestry Liaison: Charlie Forbes


While the weekly eBlast and the Pelican Post are the most visible output from the Communications function, there is a wealth of behind-the-scenes activity in support of the many All Saints ministries.  Major 2023 projects included creative and implementation support for:

  • The new All Saints Child Development Center

  • Annual Stewardship initiatives

  • Annual Garden Tour publicity

  • Our Angel Tree outreach

  • Welcoming The Rev. Katie Presley as our new Associate! 

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