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Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting:
Sunday, January 29
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Rector’s Report

Rev. Denise Trogdon, Rector

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31


Two words come to mind as I reflect upon our year together: resilience and hope. This year we have literally and figuratively renewed our foundation as a congregation from outward refurbishment to assessing and building upon our programs to serve the community. We have welcomed many new members, who have become actively engaged, and several new ministries have emerged. This year we prayerfully considered what events/ministries need focus and have stepped out in faith to new possibilities. While we have had to say goodbye to several beloved members, our faith family is strong and growing.


We have had a full year back in our worship space with a mask optional policy, and communion in both kinds was restored. In Lent we return to the altar rail but will refrain from a shared cup, until the winter seasonal illnesses abate. As always, parishioner safety is a priority. Attendance is strong, and those with health concerns can opt to watch our streamed services from home.


We welcomed Kerry Smith back as our Deacon, and he is participating regularly as a valued member of our liturgical team. Most ministries have returned to in-person meetings, but the use of Owl technology has allowed for members also to opt for zoom participation. This option has invited greater involvement from our seasonal members who spend part of the year away.


This year we implemented several new ministries/events. With a contingent of new members who work, we developed a new evening social group for women, the EpiscoPALS, which is now meeting monthly. The Social Justice Ministry developed a Lunch and Learn zoom program, inviting community speakers to present on an array of social justice topics. Social Justice and the Daughters of the King sponsored a community-wide prayer vigil and offered a new Epiphany celebration. We also participated with Christ Lutheran in a community program for social justice.


Our preschool task force made the decision to close our preschool for a year to re-vision it as a ministry to better serve the underserved in our larger community. We have hired a new director, Jennifer Adams, and we are going through new licensing procedures to be able to provide a full- day program with food services and tuition assistance from government programs. We anticipate the new Child Development Center will open in the fall, with a new staff. This program will offer many opportunities for parishioner involvement!

Sacred Ground is in its third year with strong participation. The Garden Tour returned and had its best year ever! Men and Women's Bible study/forum and book groups continue along with the Adult Bible study between the two Sunday services. Our Inquirer's class was well-attended, and our new Diocesan Bishop confirmed/received and reaffirmed 10 members into the Episcopal tradition. The Annual Women's Ecumenical Prayer service returned.


Supper clubs are in full swing, and the Seasonal Saints have had several gatherings. Outreach ministries continue to thrive, and Family Promise returns with a new meal program for 2023. We have strengthened our community partnership with the schools. This year the Saturday@5 leaders organized a wonderful Oktoberfest celebration and are looking forward to an equally fun Mardi Gras event. The pancake supper returns this year.


The music program has flourished under Suade Anderson's leadership, and Anneliza Itkor has renewed our bells program. Saints on Broadway returns in February, and we have seen the addition of professional musicians make the program even more creative and consistent.


This year we said goodbye to our faithful friends and colleagues in ministry - Mark and Kendell Brinkmann. Their commitment over the years has made All Saints what it is today. We sent them off to retirement in celebration and love. We have begun a search process for a new Associate and have held interviews. In consultation with the vestry, staff and personnel, we hope to make a decision in the coming months.

We are blessed to have such a talented and committed staff. This year we added a new finance Manager, Blair Milburn, who works alongside our Treasurer Jack Case, and our new Assistant Treasurer Becky Forbes. Together with Tessa Hahn's support, they have navigated the successful shift to the Shelby Next program and have streamlined many of our finance procedures. Brian Hayes, our Buildings and Grounds manager, oversaw major building projects: the painting of the entire outside of the building, the replacement of all of the woodwork, and a new roof. We will soon replace our stove, refrigerator, and flower cooler, as they are no longer in good working order.


Tessa Hahn our Administrator; Jessie McIlwee, our Communications Director; Blair Milburn, Finance Manager; Brian Hayes, Buildings and Grounds Manager; Suade Anderson, Music Director; Jenn Adams, School Director; Pam Farhner and Kerry Smith, Clergy, and the many volunteers who cover the front desk are the faithful team members who work daily to make All Saints vital. I extend my gratitude for all of the ways they serve this community. Our devoted vestry, wardens, and ministry leaders are the hands and feet of Christ, faithfully implementing God's vision for this parish. With Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity each parishioner contributes to our life together. Your gifts enable all we do. Thank you for a wonderful year, and I look forward with hope and excitement for the ways we will be a channel of God's love in the world.




Senior Warden Report


What a year! Reflecting on all of the events of the last year underscores the changes and challenges at All Saints. We finish the year in good shape, prepared for renewing old ties, growing in spiritual strength, and starting new ministries with confidence and faith.


We started the year in the middle of a pandemic. The Regathering sub-committee of the Vestry met every two weeks to reassess the severity of Covid and to determine how we could best continue to worship in safety. Reestablishing our worship while keeping everyone as safe as possible was tricky, but we were able to adapt and create ways to balance the intense desire to worship together and the safety of the parish. We continue to monitor the pandemic levels and will adjust our worship procedures as needed.


This year saw the passing of several long-time members, and, as is often the case, several more moved to be closer to their families. While we miss some old, familiar faces, we have been blessed with a substantial number of new members. Over 40 households have joined the All Saints community over the last couple of years, bringing experience and enthusiasm for our ministries and mission. We believe this process of leaving and joining has kept the congregation vital, engaged, and ready for an exciting year of growth in 2023.


The physical plant looks great, thanks to two major projects. We realized that a substantial part of the wooden trim needed replacing and that the church had not been painted in more than 25 years! In the midst of this repair, we discovered that the roof over the sanctuary also needed replacing. Both of these projects beautified our campus, and both were necessary because of structural deficiencies. These projects were expensive but necessary. Fortunately, we had a Building Reserve Fund to pay for these projects. Obviously, that fund was greatly reduced as a result of these repairs. As usual, the congregation responded with faith and support, and we received over 30 gifts totaling more than $25,000 to replenish the Reserve Fund. You can still make additional gifts to rebuild the reserves!


While the pandemic and an uncertain economy have reduced support for many non-profit and charitable organizations, your steady support for All Saints has made 2022 a solid financial year. You gave more than 100% of your 2022 pledges! A substantial deficit was predicted for 2022, but the actual figures were much better than expected. Except for an unexpected correction from the 2021 accounts and an adjustment based on Mark Brinkmann’s retirement, we would have had a surplus in 2022! We deeply appreciate your unwavering financial support for the parish and our ministries.

Mark Brinkmann’s retirement was a bittersweet affair. We will certainly miss Mark and Kendall’s presence with us, but we celebrate their new stage in life. We wish them a happy and celebratory retirement!


We are in the process of a major change in the All Saints Preschool Program. Long a hallmark achievement of the parish, we are redirecting and refocusing the program, now called the All Saints Childhood Development Center, to provide more substantial care and support for children of working parents. This adjustment in the program comes from the renewed interest in social justice ministries that help the broader community. We will provide longer hours of operation and work to connect parents to financial support systems for their children’s education. We anticipate that there will be many roles for parishioners to play in the new program as we recast it as an outreach ministry to the island. These changes will reconnect the program to its early roots when it was conceived as a ministry of the parish to the community. While the program has been on hiatus, we have hired Jennifer Adams as the new director. Jennifer is a capable director with experience in both public and church-related programs. We look forward to an exciting new year.


As always, it has been a privilege and honor to serve as your Wardens.

Mike Binford

Senior Warden

Junior Warden Report

As the Junior Warden, I have worked closely with the Rector, Senior Warden, Vestry, other clergy and lay leaders as we have transitioned back to in-person worship and events. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm and creativity exhibited as we explore ways to safely include everyone in our church life.


2022 brought about a great deal of activity regarding the All Saints Preschool. I led a task force that met regularly and explored how our preschool could serve the community. This was driven by participants in the Sacred Ground Program, the Social Justice Committee, the Outreach Committee, and of course, the Rector. A decision was made by the Vestry to suspend operation of the program at the end of the 2021-22 school year while we searched for a new director. A new director was hired with experience both as a preschool director in a faith-based program as well as working for the SC First Steps Early Head Start Childcare Partnership. Jenn Adams began working a few days before the holidays, completing the Safe Church Training, applying for state licensing, and beginning the process to become a SC 4K First Steps Program. In keeping with our goal of providing a quality educational and extended day program for families with diverse backgrounds, the school has been re-named the All Saints Child Development Center. There will be many opportunities for parishioner and community involvement when we re-open in August.


I continue to team with Jessie as we have re-started our Children’s Chapel. We’ve recruited a team of 4 other parishioners who co-teach with Jessie (and her daughter Ellie!). Jessie is to be commended for the outstanding job that she does every Sunday to develop an age-appropriate lesson that parallels what the adults are hearing in church with a creative craft activity to reinforce what the children have learned.


I serve as the liaison to the Outreach Committee, teaming with the chairperson, Lisa Ghessie, to oversee a wide variety of outreach activities. This has been a productive year for Outreach activities including: the Garden Tour, the Angel Tree, Sandalwood Community Food Pantry, Sewing for Hope, Grateful Hearts Soup Kitchen, Family Promise, Blood Drives, Pop Top collection for Ronald McDonald housing, and Technology for Students grant.


I am a regular participant in the Saturday @ 5 service as an altar guild member, reader, and providing hospitality. Attendance and participation in this service continues to grow as we attract new members to the parish. I continue to serve as the coordinator of the personnel committee as we currently work to hire a new associate rector and the finance committee, as the recorder.


In 2023, I look forward to serving as liaison to the communications committee, working with Jessie McIlwee and a team of parishioners as we continue to seek ways to communicate with members of All Saints and the community to “celebrate and share God’s love for all.”


It is a joy to worship and serve at All Saints Episcopal Church,

Joyce Emmett

Junior Warden 

All Saints Preschool 

Director Jenn Adams

The new All Saints Child Development Center is slated to open August/September 2023. Seeking to serve a more diverse population of families that work and live in our community, the center will be offering full day childcare to 3 and 4 year olds. We know the first 5 years are critical in a child's development. Our program strives to meet children where they are and help them get to where they need to be through a state approved curriculum, positive relationships, and weekly Chapel. Partnering with state agencies, the center will be able to provide an engaging, high quality learning environment at little to no cost to families through childcare vouchers and state funded 4K tuition. Our goal is for children leave our program with a solid foundation educationally and spiritually and to be a valuable resource to families.

Finance Commission

Chair: Bob Colegrove


This past year was highlighted by All Saints Episcopal Church catching up on some much-deferred maintenance. A new roof, including structural repairs, was completed at a cost of $63,000. Exterior trim, window trim, outside railings, and areas of wood rot were repaired or replaced and the exterior of the Church was painted at a cost of $87,000. The office copier, after years of noble service, died and was replaced for $12,000. These capital costs totaled $162,000 and were paid for by pandemic grants from prior years, maintenance fund reserves, and $25,000 in donations from Parish members. While several capital projects will need attention, the painting and the roof repairs were major accomplishments.


The annual church operations for 2022 were highlighted by higher that budgeted income and controlled expenses for the calendar year. As the Church emerged from the past pandemic, members and visitors returned to attending church in person and a new normal was established for worship. Our operating income budget was exceeded by $51,000 due to pledges, undesignated income and other income all exceeding budgeted amounts. Expenses for worship, parish life, mission and outreach, facilities and staff were all within budgeted amounts except for the replacement of several pieces of equipment. The result was a net deficit of $22,200. This is acceptable compared to the budgeted deficit of $63,700 and the actual deficit for 2021 of $88,000. Progress is being made.

Our Stewardship commitment campaign is progressing as we reach out to Church members who have not given us a commitment. The outcome of this campaign determines our ability to meet the expectations of our Parish. Our expenses, budgeted for 2023, offer a more opportunities to expand in the areas of worship, parish life and outreach. Our staff, a major asset to the Church have all received raises, and Mark Brinkman’s replacement is not expected to be in place until the second half of the year.


We have completed an audit of our books and records for 2018 and are working on audits for 2019 and 2020. These audits provide outside objective opinions of our operations and verify that Church funds are properly accounted for and are represented accurately.


As with most investment portfolios, the All Saints Foundation suffered losses in 2022. The base portfolio declined 18% to about $554,000. But 2022 was a very good year for new donations to the Foundation. In total, $81,200 of new donations were received. The Foundation declared an annual distribution of just over $21,000 to the church in June. These funds were used to augment the church's Building Reserves which allowed us to complete the much-needed repairs last summer. This is the true purpose of the Foundation, to sustain the church throughout the years.


After a two-year hiatus, the All Saints Garden Tour experienced a rousing return to the All Saints outreach effort. In 2022, $40,020 was distributed to six charities, which is a record. Well done to the Garden Tour Board.


The Finance Committee meets monthly and includes Bob Colegrove, Chairman and Vestry Liaison, Howard Coonley, Barbara Peterson, and Dana Duncan. Meetings are attended by the Rector, Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, and a representative of the Foundation, Buildings and Grounds and the Church School. The objective of the Committee is report, with recommendations, to the Vestry on oversight of all financial matters of the Church.


Vestry Liaison: Bob Colegrove 


As of January 26, when this report is being written, 188 commitments have been returned totaling $678,945. This amount puts us within 89% of the commitment total we need to meet our 2023 budget. The positive news is that 68 Church members increased their commitment by $41,000, and new members have made commitments totaling $51,000.


This is $92,000 of new funds to help All Saints fulfill its objectives for 2023. We still need 59 church members to return their commitment cards with their gifts to God to enable All Saints to move forward with its mission in our community.

All Saints Episcopal Church Foundation

On behalf of the Board of the Foundation, I am pleased to announce that we had a successful 2021, though not as we had envisioned. First, what is the All Saints Foundation? The Mission of the All Saints Foundation is to build permanent and non-permanent funds to assist our parish in fulfilling its Christian calling.


The Pelican Society recognizes those who have made a legacy commitment to the Foundation. Close to fifty individual members of the society have either already contributed financially to the Foundation or have expressed a commitment. Their commitments range from bequests directly in their wills, through Donor Advised Funds, IRA transfers, or Life Insurance beneficiaries. We do appreciate those of our members who have submitted the form that specifies where their donation will come from, but more importantly, how the donor wishes the funds applied. These funds can be assigned to the Permanent Fund, the Non-Permanent Fund, a combination, or to a specific mission of the church. We will make a concerted effort to have these forms so that we will follow your wishes. If you think you are a Pelican, and you did not receive one of these holiday cards, please reach out to one of the Foundation Board members so that we can get you included.


With strong financial support, the Foundation was privileged to make our third distribution based on prior years performance. Following our By-Laws, we distribute 3.75% of the of the average of the previous 5-year performance of the funds to the Vestry. In 2021, as we announced at the last Annual Meeting, we distributed $3,231 from the Non-Permanent Fund and $16,397 from the Permanent Fund, for a total of $19,628. And there is more good news. In 2022, based on solid fund performance, we will be distributing $3,895.92 from the Non-Permanent Fund and $17,199.54 from the Permanent Fund, for a total of $21,095.46, a 7.5% increase. It is also important to note, that these distributions are not to be used for the General Operations of the church. They are to enhance our facility and support new ministries. We closed 2021 with $152,951 in the Non-Permanent Fund and $522,850 in the Permanent Fund.,


We are making plans to host a workshop to cover the how to and ways to give. By teaming with the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Committee, and the Episcopal Church Foundation, we will provide practical information for giving. Once clear for in-person meetings, we will host a Pelican Society social event for current and potential Pelican members.


I refer you to the Prospectus found on the website for more in-depth information about the goals, structure, and governance of the Foundation. Following advice from the Board and nomination by the rector, the new Board members are to be confirmed at this Annual Meeting. Our nominees this year are:  2nd 3-year terms for Howard Coonley and Sara Hall, a 1st 3-year term for new member Warren Harkness, and Elizabeth Loda will fulfill the remaining year of Carolyn Moore’s term. We ask your approval.


In closing, I would like to thank John Phillips who left the board this year and Jack Case who has stepped into the Treasurer role for the Foundation. Finally, we lost two amazing women who helped shape this Foundation, Dottie McIlraith and Carolyn Moore. We honor their memory and redouble our efforts to have the Foundation a vibrant force for All Saints.


Respectfully submitted,

Lesley Gilbert, Chair

Howard Coonley, Vice Chair

Sara Hall

Don Hendrickson, Recording Secretary

Jim Titus


Jack Case, Treasurer, Ex-Officio

Paul Ostergard, Emeritus Advisor

The Reverend Denise Trogdon, Rector, Ex-Officio

Building and Grounds


Items completed this quarter:

  • Put up stations of the cross

  • Coordinate with symphony personnel for concert(facility usage) to include set up/breakdown and after hours fogging/wiping of all seating/tables/handles/switches to disinfect sanctuary/library for member safety

  • Escorted fire marshal through facility for required annual inspection

  • Corrected deficiencies(7 emergency light replaced/one light out electrical room) within given time from fire marshal inspection

  • Prepare, set up/break down, and assist as needed for multiple internments/funerals   

  • Continued with wood replace/repair for paint project

  • Continued weekly fogging/misting of sanctuary and GM Hall for Covid protection

  • Reset all clocks for time change


Items completed this quarter:

  • Continued with wood replacement around main structure, prepping for paint

  • Replaced 20ft blown off ridge cap on roof

  • Completed and assisted on set ups/dinners/funerals/services/Holy week

  • Hired full time helper to provide improved service and coverage to the church

  • Shampooed upstairs carpets

  • Cleaned and organized  storage closet in hallway outside GM Hall

  • Procured and forwarded roof bids per treasurer request

  • Replaced dimmable light switch in GM Hall

  • Installed new light fixture in Sacristy

  • Eradicated fruit fly infestation

  • Repaired locking mechanism front office entry doors

  • Coordinated symphony concert and deep cleaned/disinfected sanctuary

  • afterwards for Covid-19 precautions

  • Cleaned and organized hallway closet between GM Hall and library. 

  • Replaced bulbs and dusted chandelier in sanctuary

  • Replaced bulbs in can lights throughout facility

  • Installed new circuit board for conference room HVAC unit

  • Cleaned walls and baseboards in GM Hall

  • Cleaned/extracted floors in sanctuary

  • Installed new heavy duty locks on buildings due to theft

  • Deep cleaned stove and fridge in kitchen

  • Continuing to coordinate with painters for scheduling of work, as painting had commenced

  • Met with sub-committee to choose roofer and began scheduling and logistics with contractor, work tentatively scheduled for middle of July depending on materials ETA


Items completed this quarter:

  • The (2) projects that were worked on during this time were the painting and roof replacement projects


Items completed this quarter:

  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen

  • Installed new tread tape on steps

  • Painting on the railing going to Columbarium needs to be completed

  • The steeple still has some repairs that need to be completed, before painters can complete

Fellowship Commission

Vestry liaison: Barb Lytle

ASEC Men’s Breakfast Group – The group meets on the first Thursday of the month at the Bluffton British Open Pub at 9:00 AM. Average attendance is around eight. Sometimes, during the summer months, the meeting was not held because several attendees were away during that time.

Howard Coonley- Chair


Coffee Guild – Generally, coffee and an array of savory and sweet treats is served after the 10:15 service in Gordon Mann Hall. In August, due to a high level of Covid cases in our area and the hot weather it was suspended and then held outdoors the next week. Earlier in the year, the Covid Committee decided whether it was held inside or outside depending upon the Covid numbers in our area. Several ministries have taken a Sunday and volunteered to bring treats and help serve and cleanup. There was one service Sunday, October 16 for the Bishop’s Visit. Many parishioners volunteered to bring food for that event and for Father Mark’s Retirement which was held after the 10:15 service on December 18.

Jen Neyhouse- Chair


Funeral Receptions – It was decided that parishioners would no longer provide food and serve receptions. No one volunteered to head the Funeral Receptions Ministry after several postings. Gordon Mann Hall will be available for receptions that are catered. Tessa Hahn has a list of caterers. The Funeral Reception Ministry is no longer in existence.

Barb Lytle


Juliets – The women’s breakfast group meets every third Wednesday of the month at the Bluffton British Open Pub at 9:30. Juliets stands for Joy, Understanding, and Love in Eating Together. It is a no agenda group for women.

Loni Saunders- Chair


Open Grill Night – In years past, Grill Night has been held during the summer months. Participants bring something to grill and a dish to pass. Covid numbers prevented most gatherings from taking place. There was a September gathering. Currently there is no chair for this group.

Barb Lytle


Seasonal Saints - A gathering on the first Monday of the month (Fall-Spring), seasonal members and regular visitors are connected as they gather in homes or the church library for an evening of hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages. The church library has lots of well-lit parking and works well for Winter gatherings.

Marty Neumeister – chair


Sunny Saints – The Sun City group usually meets four times a year at Lake Somerset. Sun City residents gather for food, fun, and fellowship.

Dale Finn – chair


Supper Club – Individual groups meet monthly in the assigned home for that month. Guests bring a part of the meal. A great way to get to know parishioners. New groups formed in January.

Jo Anne Rizza - chair

Barb Lytle

Welcoming Commission

Vestry liaison: Marilyn Roper


Peggy Brennan, Leader

We have had an influx of new members, many of whom are jumping right into participating enthusiastically in the life and work of All Saints. This year we have held two Newcomers’ luncheons, one in May and one in December. We have had 10 to 12 Newcomers at each luncheon and there are several people who have had schedule conflicts and have not been able to attend. At each luncheon, Mark Brinkmann has discussed the history of the Anglican Church, the Episcopal Church, and All Saints in particular. Denise has talked about the ongoing ministries at All Saints, and Pam Fahrner has talked about the Pastoral Care Ministries of All Saints. There have been connections between some of the Newcomers’ previous church communities and some of the existing All Saints members’ earlier experiences, so bonds are forming.



Barbara Colegrove, Leader

The Connection Station is staffed by volunteers after Sunday morning worship services. Volunteers serve on a rotating basis. There people can obtain information about services and ministries at All Saints and can submit requests for nametags or can request to meet with clergy.



8:30 am Greeters Jenifer Gajdalo, Leader

The 8:30 service on Sunday mornings is small, usually 10 to 20 people. One Greeter serves each Sunday on a rotating basis. Greeters are scheduled monthly


10:15 Greeters

There are two Greeters for the 10:15 Worship Services on Sunday mornings. Greeters are scheduled quarterly. Like the 8:30 Greeters, this is an important ministry. Greeters are often the first All Saints members that visitors encounter, so this is an important first impression of our community, Greeters also answer visitors’ questions about All Saints. A number of Greeters go away for the summer months, but the ones who are here year round do extra duty durning that time. Respectfully Submitted, Marilyn Roper, Welcoming Ministries Vestry Liaison to the Vestry

Worship and Music Commission January 2023

Vestry Liaisons: Marjorie Robinson and Jerry Simmons




There were only six people who served as Acolytes in 2022, primarily at the 10:15 Sunday service, and there is a definite need for people to join this ministry. That low number is accentuated by the fact that one person (John Phillips) has moved from the area, and three others also serve as Lay Readers/Eucharistic Ministers. That means that one or more of those three are sometimes serving in one capacity or another three Sundays a month.

In addition to John, the others in this ministry are Zeke Hanzl, Carol Horowitz, Jackson Simmons, Jerry Simmons and Brad Tufts.

I have been involved in the scheduling and/or instruction of acolytes for at least 15 years, and it is time for someone else to at least assume the scheduling responsibility. If newcomers to the ministry can be found, I’ll be happy to provide instruction.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Tufts



Lay Readers and Eucharistic Ministers

There were 13 persons who served as Lay Readers/Eucharistic Ministers during 2022, including newcomers to the ranks Faith Hahn and Zeke Hanzl. The others who served at the Sunday 8:30 and 10:15 services and at other special services during the Lenten, Easter and Christmas seasons were Patty Blackmon, Judy Cote, Peg Hamilton, Marisa Hay, Carol Horowitz, John Phillips, Dave Saunders, Loni Saunders, Willis Shay, Monica Stephens and Brad Tufts.

I call special attention to the devoted service of John Phillips for at least the past nine years. John and Linda have moved to Connecticut to be with children and grandchildren, and he will be sorely missed in our ranks – and by me personally.

There is a definite need for more participation in this ministry, especially at the 8:30 Sunday service. In 2019, the last full year before the pandemic, there were 24 people on the roster.

Special thanks to Tessa Hahn for keeping schedules and for passing along readings to us each week.


And my heartfelt personal thanks to the scores of people who have participated in this ministry for the past nearly 19 years. It has been my pleasure to provide the scheduling for them. The March-April-May 2023 schedule will be the final one I prepare, and I look forward to being a line or two each month in schedules prepared by someone else.

Respectfully submitted,

Brad Tufts


Altar Guild

Altar Guild members adjusted to the changes that Covid brought; we changed from wafers in plastic cups to priests intincting wafers for parishioners who are standing. We remain faithful to our desire to support the clergy in shifting times.

Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas went smoothly for Altar Guild, thanks to our volunteers giving generously of their time.

Denise led a fruitful and productive September training session, which was well attended; the training was followed by lunch and a port tasting in the library, fun for all. We enjoyed a lovely brunch, a gift from the clergy to Altar and Flower Guilds, in December.

We have seen a gradual increase in our membership numbers, and we could always use additional volunteers!

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Binford

Altar Guild Chair


Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer meets at 10:30 upstairs after the Thursday morning service each week in the office of Pam Farhner or across the hall if there is a crowd (more than 12). We plan to offer instructions during the fall retreat. Everyone is welcome.

Juliets meet on third Wed at Bluffton British Open Pub at 9:30. It is advertised in the e blast and we ask that Loni or 8436863990 or Julie843-7579028 or be notified if you can come so we can call in an estimate the night before of our attendance. All women of the church (and their friends) are welcome. There is no agenda but friendship!

Respectfully submitted,

Loni Saunders


Daughters of the King

This report captures the activities which took place from January 2022 to January 2023 with anticipated plans for the first part of the New Year. As you may know, the DOK honors a tripartite rule of life: prayer, service, and evangelism. The central touchstone for DOK is prayer. We maintain a prayer list, separate from the Church prayer list, and each Sister lifts up daily prayers for the individuals, clergy and specific aims included on the list. Our chapter has been deeply concerned about how to best manage with declining numbers of members and increased aging of those remaining. We have had only one new member in three years. We updated our learning materials for welcoming new members and conferred with our clergy. Our chapter went through a period of discernment and chose to collectively go through all the Study guide lessons as part of our biweekly meetings. Fortified by prayer, not only is our path made known, but the paths by which we guide others.

For the first time, on March 30th, 2022, DOK collaborated with the Social Justice Committee (SJC) to present a prayer vigil at ASEC. Three DOK members, Peggy Brennan, Loni Saunders and Candace Coggins were members of the planning committee, and were integrally involved in the presentations and publications for the vigil. The entire chapter of DOK provided the lunch for attendees and took care of set up and clean up. It was also our honor to cover the cost of the luncheon for the parish.

On the Wednesday of Holy Week, 4/13/22, our DOK chapter sponsored and facilitated completing the Stations of the Cross. Approximately 15 individuals participated, and the feedback was very positive. This has become an annual DOK-sponsored activity during Holy Week.

November 1st, 2022, seven members of our chapter participated in an ecumenical Re-Dedication Service and enjoyed a luncheon afterward at the Hilton Head Yacht Club. This marked a well-earned respite after a contemplative discernment period and completion of DOK study guides.

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, the DOK chapter created a Mingle and Jingle event to present interested parishioners in a beautiful candle-lighting Advent Service. Developed and directed by JoAnne Rizza, this program introduced the history and meaning of candles marking each week of Advent, culminating with the Christ candle at Christmas.

Plans for 2023 (particularly those needing approval-as soon as possible)

1. January 18th, 2023. Invitational Meeting of Inquiry. We are inviting interested women of our church to attend a DOK meeting and to meet our members and explore what it means to be a DOK sister. 2 Plans for 2023 (continued)

2. January 21, 2023, several of our members will be attending a Regional DOK meeting at the Episcopal church at Okatie.

3. In addition to parish-focused activities, we are responsive to the wishes and requests from the fourth Province Assembly. Currently, three women’s facilities are being supported by collaborative DOK efforts: Hopeful Horizons (Beaufort); Magdalene House (Charleston); and Tenacious Grace (Florence).

“Hopeful Horizons is a children's advocacy, domestic violence, and rape crisis center. Together, [it creates] safer communities by changing the culture of violence and offering a path to healing” ( It provides safe, secure, and therapeutic

domiciliary facilities for women and children. As a chapter in the Southern tier, we plan to collaborate with other churches in our tier to select individual months out of the year to conduct a month-long appeal for donations to Hopeful Horizons (HH). Participating in this combined effort would require providing repositories for donations (in GMH perhaps). Copies of the “Wish List” which is produced by Hopeful Horizons (HH, see attached) will be located beside each repository, and several announcements will include written, digital, and in-person alerts to parishioners of the HH drive. The repositories will be monitored at least weekly and more often if needed. It is noteworthy to be aware that used clothing is not accepted. ANY/ALL CLOTHING DONATIONS MUST BE NEW. In addition, toiletry items should be regular size, not the samples for example you might be given for a hotel stay.

The Wish list helps identify the gifts that families most appreciate. We had originally selected the month of August since our Church calendar was more open. However, after conferring with all our clergy we deferred to the wisdom of waiting until after Christmas, and before lent.

Jenifer Gajdalo is the Province IV representative for Daughters at Large (DOKs without a church), and has provided significant leadership to organize DOK groups in our province to collaborate on the HH project. I have offered to serve as the “point person” between DOK, ASEC and HH, responsible for setting up, monitoring, and delivering any donations and (hopefully) managing effective communications. We need the OK from the vestry to proceed with our in-gathering for Hopeful Horizons for the month of February as we envision them. Any/all suggestions will be given grateful consideration.

WISH LIST (new items only please) Needs for Women and Children • Women’s T-shirts (L, XL, XXL) • Children’s T-shirts (all sizes) • Leggings/Lounge Pants (M, L, XL) • Women’s Sports Bras (L, XL) • Teen Sports Bras (S, M) • Sweaters (L, XL, XXL) • Slippers/Flip flops • Robes • Socks & underwear • Sanitary Napkins & Tampons • Gas cards Needs for Babies • Baby bottles • Baby wipes • Onesies/pajamas/outfits • Pacifiers • Baby monitors • Umbrella strollers • Diapers and pull-ups • Developmental toys Children’s Wants • Gift cards (music, toys, games, clothes) • Board games • Lip Balm or Gloss • Toy Cars and Trucks • Locking diaries • Puzzles • Jewelry • Action figures • Hair clips and elastic bands • Diverse baby dolls • Winter hats, mittens, scarves • Shawls/scarves • Legos Women’s Wants • Manicure kits • Nail Polish and Remover • Fleece Blankets • Towels (Bath, Hand & Washcloths) • Gift cards (stores, restaurants, salons, massage) • Shawls/scarfs • Umbrellas • Winter hats and gloves • Earrings • Necklaces • Hats • Scented lotion/body spray sets • Hair clips, headbands • Blow dryers • Diverse hair care products • Curling irons • Coloring books with colored pencils • Gift baskets General Needs • Granola Bars • Goldfish, Cheese/Peanut Butter Crackers, Gummy fruit snacks, Rice Krispy Treats, raisins, Animal Crackers (single-serving size) • Toilet Paper • Paper Towels • Hand Soap • Trash Bags • Windex • Toilet Bowl Cleaner • Lysol Cleaner (floors) • Swiffer Duster Refills • Sanitizing Wipes • Kleenex Thank you for caring for survivors of violence and abuse this holiday season! 800-868-2632

Respectfully submitted,

Candace Coggins, President DOK chapter at ASEC



Here is a summary for 2022:

- Continued to be flexible for changes in Service protocols,

- Served at a great many funerals/memorial services, unfortunately,

- Wore Summer attire from May 1 until October 1,

- Head usher is a member of the new Worship Committee, and

- Usher Team Leaders plan to meet with the Rector to discuss further changes to 2023 Service protocols, if any.


Respectfully submitted,

Howard Coonley



It was a full year of inspiring music and festive events for All Saints Choir and the Music Ministry. Here are the highlights:


After a long hiatus during the COVID pandemic, the All Saints Handbell Choir made its return to All Saints worship in 2022, with Anneliza Itkor as the new Handbells Director. As more folks join the handbell choir, the music ministry plans to buy a new set of lower bells after we reach our critical mass with current members.


Special music offerings during the past year included a special brass quartet donated by Carole Galli in honor of her late husband; an All Saints Day Jazz Vespers, donated by Kaaren Riker in honor of her family; a Tenebrae service in Holy Week 2022.


And as recently as January 6th, a Three Kings’ Day Epiphany Celebration which included carol singing, burning of the greens, a "chalking the door" for the Three Kings at Gordon-Mann Hall with a reception hosted by BSA Troop 222. It was a truly special, collaborative experience among several All Saints music and worship groups.


The Music Ministry recruited three members of a quartet to stabilize the choir on Sundays, when our regular members are on vacation. This year we will search for a fourth singer to complete the Quartet. At this time we have: Paul Barnard, bass; Jeff Corry, tenor; and Anneliza Itkor, alto. This helps maintain a certain level of musicality during our high and low Sundays. And generally, the choir continues in recruiting mode.


To lower barriers of participation, the Music Minister prepares sound files for any would-be choir singers so that each person can learn their part as the melody line. With the assistance of the section leaders, anyone who can learn a melody can be successful as a choir member. Another step to making participation easier, the Music Minister continues assessing better times for choir rehearsals on Wednesdays.


The Music Minister is always looking for instrumentalists who can add their talents to music during worship in the form of preludes, postludes, and offertories. During 2022, All Saints heard musical offerings from Pam Cooper, Jerry Simmons, Frank Rotella, and Kevin Thieneman.


Molly Nichols, guest organists, joined a number of services and other events in the past year. Molly adds such great expertise to our music program with her fantastic passion for playing the organ. With Molly, we have access to a broad spectrum of Anglican Repertoire with organ accompaniment, but also, when she accompanies our choral anthems on the piano, it allows Suade to direct the choir, and to add his voice to the choral mix. Suade continues organ lessons into 2023.


Special thanks for energy and efforts in the past year go to Anneliza Itkor, Mollie Nichols, Carole Owen, Carole Galli, Claudia McCreesh, Jerry Simmons, Sherm Barker, All Saints Choir Section Leaders, all AS Choir singers and handbell ringers for their tireless efforts to present the best possible musical experience every week, fostering the light of community and music fellowship at All Saints. Team Work truly makes the Dream Work!


What’s on the horizon for the All Saints Music Ministry:

· Collaboration with the educators and students of the new All Saints Preschool

· Saints on Broadway fundraiser returns to All Saints on February 10th.


The Minister of Music is open to feedback from choir members and parishioners at all times.

Respectfully Submitted,

Suede Anderson

Social Justice


Lunch and Learn


Feb 24      Human trafficking    15 

Sept 26     Hopeful Horizons    15 

Oct   27    Affordable Housing    15 

Nov   17   Low Country Immigration Coalition    25 


Chimney Cove

This was a rapidly moving but intense issue involving low income families being summarily evicted.  All affected families/individuals have found or been assisted to other housing.  All Saints Episcopal Church was among the local churches, working through Deep Well, assisting and providing financial and other resources to those affected families and individuals



The Vigil was co-sponsored with Daughters of the King.  In light of the enthusiasm expressed by attendees, another Vigil is planned for 2023.  The 2022 Vigil had 45-50 attendees.


Martin Luther King Month

Plans for 2022 were cancelled due to COVID.  MLK Month for 2023 opened January 7, 2023 and will run through January 28, 2023



George Kanuck has retired from the immigration coalition, his replacement at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Low Country is Kathy Zieser.


Respectfully submitted,

Zeke Hanzl

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