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If you are interested in joining any of the below ministries please contact the office for more information.

All Saints Foundation/The Pelican Society:

This foundation gives members the opportunity to support the long-range work and growth of All Saints through current, deferred or estate gifts to unrestricted or designated funds. Those who have provided for ASEC in their estates are considered members of the Pelican Society. 


Environmental Stewardship:

As the church is called to be a stewarding community, this committee seeks to encourage environmental awareness and integrate sustainable practices into various aspects of parish life as well as the lives of our members. 


Financial Stewardship:

Most of All Saints operating budget comes from payments on annual pledges made by parishioners during a fall canvass. Members are invited to be part of these efforts. 


Spiritual Gifts Workshops:

Sessions devoted to assisting members discover their gifts for ministry during workshops offered on an as-needed basis throughout the year.

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