By the Numbers

Financial Performance for the Second Quarter, 2021

As with the first quarter, there weren’t any real surprises in the second quarter financial performance.  Operating Revenues were $174,423, about 10% below budget but year-to-date Operating Revenues were $434,006, almost right at budget.  Operating Expenses for the quarter were $219,998, slightly below the budget and year-to-date Operating Expenses were $458,236, about $9,300 lower than budget.  This results in a year-to-date Operating Deficit of $24,230 vs. a budgeted Operating Deficit of $30,761. This does not include the income from the forgiven 2020 PPP loan of $101,381 which was booked as an Extraordinary Item in January, 2021.  Including this Extraordinary Item, our first quarter Surplus was $77,150.


Pledge Income


As anticipated earlier, our total pledges for the year are about $750,000.  Although this is well below our $850,000 pledge goal, we are encouraged by the results.  We started the campaign knowing that 14 parishioners had moved away from our area, many of whom were generous contributors.  So, to replace those losses and maintain our giving levels was reassuring, particularly following the disruptions of 2020.  However, we will continue to look for increased giving levels in the future to fully fund our ministries, programs, outreach and mission.


Second quarter Pledge Income was $163,206, about $12,000 below our budget.  Year-to-date, Pledge Income is $404,633, almost $11,000 over budget due to the strong receipts during the first quarter.  During the second quarter, we received about 22% of the annual pledge total vs. 32% in the first quarter.  This seasonal decline in giving usually continues throughout the summer and rebounds in the fourth quarter.

Budget vs. Actual for the Year-to-Date

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 10.27.58 PM.png

Budget vs. Actual for the Fourth Quarter

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Pledges by first quarter in 2021

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Distribution of Annual Giving

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