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Third Sundays at Three

Third Sundays At Three Liturgical Series

The Third Sunday at Three liturgical series explores alternative evening services of Choral Evensong, Taizé, Jazz Vespers, and Celtic Evensong on a rotation from October through April.  Our evening services do not have Holy Communion or a sermon, with the exception of the Celtic Service, which has a short meditation. All services last around 40-minutes or less.  


Choral Evensong

Since the late middle ages "evensong" has been the popular name for vespers (from the Latin vesperis, "evening"). In many churches, especially in England, evensong is sung by clergy and choir as a choral liturgy.  The Preces and Responses, Psalm, and Canticles (Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis) are staple choral settings of this liturgy.  It features all the smells (incense), bells, and pageantry commonly known to the Anglican tradition.  The service is sung by the Parish Choir and accompanied by organ.  


Celtic Evensong  

Our Celtic Evensong service is a meditative service, that uses candles and stationary incense.  This liturgy is crafted from the liturgical traditions of Iona and Northumbria communities.  All music has Celtic roots and the Celtic Hymnal is used for all hymnody.  Professional instrumentalists and the Chamber Choir leads the music of this service.



The quieting, mystical experience of Taizé prayer began in the monastic community in Taizé, France in the 1940s.  Two main characteristics of Taizé worship include the use of repetitive chants and a period of extended silence in the middle of the service.  The altar is filled with candles and icons.  The liturgy is taken from Prayer for Each Day: Taizé and music from Taizé: Songs for Prayer.  Professional instrumentalists of (flute, oboe, cello, and piano) and the Chamber Choir leads the music of this service.


Jazz Vespers

The Jazz Vespers Service is itself a synthesis of several traditions, each finding a unifying voice through the unique musical heritage that we call jazz.  Hilton Head Island has a well-known jazz community, which makes this service a special treat to our parish. This service can be uplifting, energetic, and introspective at the same time.  It is led by the Eric Jones Trio, a professional jazz trio based in Savannah.  The Chamber Choir leads the hymnody. 

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