Wednesday Evening in Lent

A Deanery Wide Exploration of the Great Figures of Lenten Gospels Every Wednesday at 6pm

Lent originated in the early Church as a season of preparation for those desiring baptism.  Thus, Lent has always been a teaching season and, in particular, a time “to read and reflect on God’s holy Word” as we are reminded on Ash Wednesday.

Once again, the congregations of the deanery will share a common program during Lent. Please join a different presenter each week as we examine some of the principal stories of Lent: Nicodemus, the Woman at a Well, the Healing of the Man Born Blind, the Raising of Lazarus and the Prodigal Son. Each evening begins with a simple supper.

Wednesday Night Schedule for All Saints

March 8:  The Story of the Raising of Lazarus, Presnter: Jon Coffey
March 15: The Story of the Woman at the Well, Presenter: Gordon Weller
March 22: The Story of the Healing of the Man Born Blind, Presenter: George Moyser
March 29: The Story of Nicodemus, Presenter: Pam Fahrner
April 4: The Story of the Prodigal Son, Presenter: Roy Tripp