All Saints Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, SC

[draft] Minutes of the December 16, 2019, Vestry Meeting
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Those attending the meeting:

Voting members:
The Very Rev. Denise Trogdon, Rector
Tony Rizza, Senior Warden
Karen Reuter, Junior Warden
Lisa Ghessie, Clerk
Jack Case
Carol Coonley
Lou Divan
Brenda Hand

The Very Rev. Mark Brinkmann, Associate
The Rev. Pam Fahrner, Assistant
The Rev. Sandy Grant, Deacon
Mark Szen, Treasurer

Kerry Grant, host
Ken Leonard, Vestry nominee
Barbara Read, Vestry nominee
Marjorie Robinson, Vestry nominee
Marilyn Roper, Vestry nominee
Julie Zeccola, Vestry nominee


Tony Rizza convened the meeting at 6:12 p.m., in the home of Sandy and Kerry Grant.  Following the meeting, the Grants hosted the annual Vestry Christmas dinner.

Rev. Trogdon said the opening prayer.

The minutes of the November 18, 2019 regular Vestry meeting were approved as posted.


  1. Rector – Prior to the meeting, Rev. Trogdon distributed via email her monthly report (Attachment 1).  Denise only added that the candidates for the new admin / business manager positions were good and a final interview was to take place the following day with a decision to be made that week.

  2. Associate – Prior to the meeting, Rev. Brinkmann distributed via email his monthly report (Attachment 2) and the only thing he had to add was the reminder that the Deanery Lessons and Carols would be held on Epiphany (Sunday January 5) at St. Mark’s in Port Royal.

  3. Assistant – Prior to the meeting, Rev. Fahrner distributed via email her monthly report (Attachment 3). Pam added that the Standing Committee has an outstanding candidate in mind for the Provisional Bishop position and negotiations are underway.

  4. Senior Warden –Tony Rizza gave a verbal report. He noted that Spectrum will be the new phone and internet provider for All Saints. He expects to save about $400 per month. Staff email addresses will change and be publicized. The changeover from Hargray to Spectrum will take place on Friday December 26.  Tony is also working with Palmetto Electric to try to do some things differently, for instance surge protection. He will be reviewing Buildings and Grounds resumes with Bob Reuter. He has received good feedback on the new cleaners.

  5. Junior Warden – Prior to the meeting, Karen Reuter distributed via email her monthly Junior Warden and Worship report (Attachment 4). Her only addition was to mention that more ushers were needed for the Christmas Eve services and a call had gone out to the usher teams.

  6. Finance – Prior to the meeting, Treasurer Mark Szen distributed to members’ mailboxes copies of the November 2019 Financial Statement, Fund Summary, and Balance Sheet (Attachment 5) and the 2019 Preschool Financial Statement and Balance Sheet (Attachment 6); and Jack Case distributed via email the Finance Commission report (Attachment 7) Mark noted that the deficit funding was at $115K and pledges stood at 177 (last year there were 252). Mark planned to send emails to those who have not responded and make follow-up phone calls.  Jack mentioned that the provisional budget was approved. Mark noted that in 2020 the first distribution will be made from the Pelican Foundation. About $18K could be distributed but the Foundation may choose not to distribute all in the first year.  The All Saints Foundation will set the dollar amount and the Vestry will determine how it will be used. Examples of possible uses include a new piano, live streaming equipment and increasing the maintenance reserve fund. Mark will circulate via email the Clergy Housing Resolution that needs to be done for the IRS. The Vestry can approve via email.

  7. Stewardship – Prior to the meeting, Carol Coonley distributed via email the Stewardship Commission report (Attachment 8). Carol had nothing to add to her report.

  8. Outreach – Prior to the meeting, Lisa Ghessie distributed via email the Outreach Commission report (Attachment 9). Lisa reminded everyone that host families were still needed for the Voorhees Choir the Friday night of the Martin Luther King weekend.

  9. Children, Youth, & Families – Prior to the meeting, Brenda Hand distributed via email the CYF Commission report (Attachment 10) and had nothing to add.

  10. Parish Life – Lou Divan mentioned it would be good to generate ideas for an Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scout troop that meets at the church.

  11. New Business – Tony provided information on the upcoming Vestry retreat. The 2-day retreat will be held Friday January 31 and Saturday February 1, at Indigo Run. The day will start at 8:00 a.m. with continental breakfast and conclude with dinner in the clubhouse. On Saturday we will work until our business is completed, probably early afternoon. The Annual Meeting is Sunday January 26. Prior to the meeting Karen distributed via email amendments to the bylaws that would increase the Vestry size from 9 voting members to 12 (Attachment 11). Notification of amendments needs to be made four weeks in advance of voting. The Vestry will vote on language that will change the number of Vestry members and that implementation will be complete at the 2021 elections. The Vestry will vote prior to the annual meeting via email.



The meeting concluded at 7:30 p.m. with a prayer and a blessing by Fr. Brinkmann.




Subsequent to the meeting, the following document was distributed to members via email:

            Attachment 12 – Clergy Housing Resolution

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Ghessie,


Clerk of the Vestry

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