All Saints Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, SC

Information for Vestry Liaisons


General Responsibilities of Vestry Liaisons  October, 2013

A Vestry Liaison is responsible for understanding the functions and activities within their commission well enough to represent them to the Vestry.  The Liaison is responsible for seeing that all committees and activities within that commission run smoothly and operate in ways that are consistent with the Vision and Mission of All Saints; providing oversight and addressing any concerns, problems or questions, suggesting any needed adjustments to responsibilities or functions, and replacing committee chairpersons when necessary. 

The Liaison is also responsible for communicating activities of their commission to the Vestry and vice-versa.  This includes written reports to the Vestry; for some commissions, or selected activities within a commission, this should be done monthly; for others, it may need to be done only occasionally or when some special activity is planned or has taken place.  (Reporting at least occasionally not only keeps the Vestry informed, but also facilitates the creation of an accurate Annual Report.)

If Vestry action is called for regarding some request, problem, or issue arising from a Commission then, at least one week prior to the next Vestry meeting, the Liaison should:

  1.     request of the Senior Warden that the item be placed on the agenda;

  2.     communicate the item, with appropriate background information, via e-mail to all Vestry members; if appropriate, this communication should include proposed language for any formal action or resolution to be voted on;

  3.     be prepared to elaborate or respond to questions at the Vestry meeting.

In the fall, Liaisons are responsible for soliciting input from their various committee chairs to help put together the annual budget request to be submitted to the Finance Commission. 

In November, Liaisons are responsible for soliciting information from the various committee chairs regarding the Commission report to be included in the Annual Report.  This should include information about what has been accomplished that year – both the routine and the special – any major program changes that were made, and any recognition for service – again, both the routine and the exceptional.  The Liaison is then responsible to compile a year-end Commission report to be submitted in December to the Clerk.


The descriptions below of the various commissions give some particulars on the subdivisions, committees, and activities within each, the heads of committees within the commission and the staff person with whom to coordinate, along with some guidance about the responsibilities and expectations of a Vestry Liaison to that particular commission, beyond those listed above.  The date next to a section indicates the last time that section was updated, so of course the content is a snapshot of how things were at that time.


Adult Christian Education Commission  




Buildings and Grounds Commission    October, 2013

This Commission is responsible for the maintenance and beautification of the campus, both the grounds and the structures.  Regular cleaning and maintenance is done by the Sexton, Ron Bruns, who is supervised by the Rector (681-8333),  The Building and Grounds Committee, chaired by Jerry Shirley (705-3020),, meets monthly at 4:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month.  The Vestry Liaison should plan on attending these meetings, but when that is not possible the Liaison can keep current by receiving the minutes of the meetings.

The Building and Grounds Commission works closely with the Finance Committee, as it has the largest budget of all the commissions.  The Liaison need not report to the Vestry every month as the commission runs smoothly on its own and, if there is a significant issue, it will likely be a finance issue as well (air conditioning compressors breaking down or the church roof leaking), and the matter will be reflected in their report.

Children, Youth, and Family Commission  


Children’s and Family Ministry [old]

The goal of this ministry is to oversee all programs in the parish that involve children or families with children.  This includes:

  • Sunday School

  • Children’s Chapel

  • Junior Acolyte Program

  • Vacation Bible School

The first three of these are ongoing programs, but either newly introduced or significantly revamped in 2013 and so still in a fluid state; a successful VBS was held in summer, 2013, and may become a regular event.

Matt Schneider (681-8333),, has staff responsibility for this area, and the chair of the steering committee is Peggy Miller (671-6065),  The Vestry Liaison should expect to attend meetings of this committee regularly, and to report to the Vestry periodically, particularly when some special program or innovation is imminent.



Communications Commission   April, 2017

The Communications Commission was established as a stand-alone commission by the Vestry in 2014.  The purpose of the Commission is to:

  • Develop communication strategies consistent with the Vision/Mission of All Saints-HHI;

  • Seek ideas for communicating to the wider community who All Saints-HHI is and what All Saints-HHI does;

  • Seek communications that promote a sense of belonging among members;

  • Promote processes that foster internal communication/cooperation among groups and individuals.

A detailed description of the Commission's responsibilities can be found in the Communications Policy and Guidelines, which also identifies the various media and specific publications, and the staff persons responsible for each.  Currently the staff involved in communications include Marilyn Adams, Mark Brinkmann, Lindsay Ernst, Roberta Koonce, and Jessica McIlwee, who, as Communications Coordinator, is the staff person primarily responsible for maintining the website, overseeing external advertising, and producing advertising and informational publications.

The Commission meets approximately quarterly, and the liaison should definitely attend those meetings and prepare a report to the Vestry.  The liaison may or may not chair the Commission.  Among the regular activities each year:

  • The Policy and Guidelines document is to be reviewed and a recommendation for any changes presented to the Vestry at its June meeting;

  • The Communications budget is to be reviewed and a request prepared and submitted to the Finance Commission in the fall.

Finance Commission   December, 2013

The primary aim of the Finance Commission is to help the Vestry understand the finances of the Church, both on a month-to-month basis and as projected for up to three years in the future, and to offer options to fund a budget that meets the Vestry’s goals.

The liaison is responsible for seeing that things keep running in the various committees, which may require nudging, encouraging, participating, finding new leadership – or staying out of the way.  The three committees below meet separately and largely independently because of their differing functions.


Finance Committee – Chair: Wil Hamp (681-9754)   

This committee generally has 5 to 7 members including the church Treasurer, Mark Szen (342-5800),  It meets monthly at 4:00 p.m. on either the first or second Thursday of the month.  The Rector normally attends these meeting.  The Vestry Finance commission liaison needs to be a member of the Finance committee, but need not be the Chair.

The Finance committee reviews the prior month and year-to-date financial statements as prepared by the Treasurer.  This committee also discusses other issues of a financial nature including insurance and furniture and equipment inventory.  Select members of this committee also coordinate the preparation of the annual budget for the Vestry to approve.


Counters – Chair:  Leslie Martin (686 3292)

This group of three or four members is organized into two-person teams that meet at church each Monday at 9:00 a.m. to count the money collected at the previous day’s worship services.  Typically, one team is on duty for a month at a time and then another team takes over.  The Chair coordinates the counting teams and the training of new counters.  This committee does not have regularly schedule meetings.


Audit Committee – Chair:  Bob O’Flaherty (681-7912)

The All Saints By-Laws require an annual review of the financial records, either by a certified public accountant or by a committee of two or more church members: the Audit Committee.  This committee generally consists of three to four members, excluding the Treasurer, the chair of the Finance Committee and the Vestry liaison, to avoid any perception of conflict of interest.  The committee meets following the closing of the books for the previous year, usually during February through April, to

  • review the previous year's financial statements

  • review internal procedures and controls, and

  • issue a report to the Vestry on their findings.

This committee does a review and not a formal audit.

Outreach March, 2016

The primary aim of the Community Outreach Commission is to fulfill the All Saints Episcopal Church Mission Statement that we are to be a channel of God’s love to the world and to care for the spiritual wellness of all Gods’ people.

The Community Outreach Commission is responsible for the following committees/activities (brief descriptions can be found in the Ministries at All Saints pamphlet):

Angel Tree – Sandy Grant (843-681-8333),

All Saints Preschool – Nan Thompson (843-681-8671),

Dominican Republic – Rick Lindsey (843-681-8333),

5th Saturday – Jenifer Gajdalo (843-681-3881),

Family Promise – Marsha Murphy (843-338-9586),  

Food Banks – Parish Office (843-681-8333),

Friends with Wheels – Susan Ferry (843-987-0283),  

Garden Tour – Karen Reuter (843-342-9727),

Habitat for Humanity Carole Galli (843-422-6006),

Holiday Baskets – Lynn Ovelman (843-681-2111),

Nursing Home Ministries – Sandy Grant (843-681-8333),

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Linda Grady (843-564-3644),

Staying Connected – Bob Hooper (843-705-5998),

Tumaini Fund – Doug Burke (843-363-2229)

There are also a wide variety of outreach ministries supported by individuals or small groups of parishioners.  The Community Outreach Commission provides assistance when requested.

Each of the outreach groups functions independently and meets on varying schedules.  The Vestry Liaisons communicate and meet with each group as needed and bring to the Vestry any issues requiring Vestry action.



Parish Life Commission   October, 2013 [some info updated March, 2016]

The goal of this commission is to enhance fellowship at All Saints by supporting regular and special events, both at the church and at off-site venues.  This is done via a number of committees, most of which run very well on their own as long as there is a chairperson for each committee.  The Vestry Liaison does not need to meet regularly with any of the committees, but should keep in contact via e-mail.  There are little or no funds required from the church budget to run most of these committees.  This past year there were two vestry members designated as co-liaisons to this commission.  A meeting was held at the beginning of the year for all the Parish Life committee chairs to come together and meet the vestry liaisons and discuss any concerns.

The Parish Life Commission is responsible for the following committees/activities (brief descriptions can be found in the Ministries at All Saints pamphlet):

Care Committee – Jenifer Gajdalo (681-3881),, and Pat Collett (689-3651),

Coffee Hour – Kathie Miller (715-0499),, Babs Knapp (671-5066),, Jerrie Jay (681-2077),, Cindy Bass (842-4142),  

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) – Kathie Miller (843-715-0499)  

Friends of Music – Suzy Stetson (342-3136),

Front Desk Volunteers – Claire Knapp (681-5536)

JULIET’s – Pam Divan (705-9282),

Kitchen – Pat Collett (689-3651),

Lay Care Givers – Sue Senden (689-3174),

Men’s Breakfast Group – George Collett (843-689-3651)  

Open Grill Night – Tony Rizza (681-5825),

Seasonal Saints – Bob & Lucy O’Flaherty (681-8333),,

Special Events – Parish Office (681-8333),

Sunny Saints – Isabelle Trenholm (705-6994),

Supper Clubs – JoAnne Rizza (843-681-5825)  

Stewardship Commission




Welcoming Commission   October, 2013

The goal in this area is to make sure all visitors are welcomed, with attention to the fact that each visitor is a potential new member.  The Commission follows and supports these visitors as they work through the process of deciding whether to become members and, if they choose to join, the process of becoming active members of All Saints.  Visitors to a Sunday service are met by a greeter, gifted with a loaf of bread, and invited to fill out a member application.  After joining, they are invited to a New Member Dinner where they are assigned mentors to help in their incorporation into the parish. 

There are four committees under the Welcoming umbrella:

These committees generally meet 1-2 times a year to make any needed adjustments.  It is important that the Liaison attend these meetings.   Mark Brinkmann (681-8333), has staff oversight of the Welcoming process.



Worship Commission   October, 2013

The Worship Commission is responsible for the various lay activities which foster prayer and worship, primarily the support of Sunday worship services.

The Commission is responsible for the following committees/activities (brief descriptions can be found in the Ministries at All Saints pamphlet):

Acolytes – Brad Tufts (342-9549),

Altar Guild – Patty Blackmon (785-4044),

Centering Prayer  at All Saints – Parish Office (681-8333),
at Sun City – Fred Hill (338-9548),

Children’s Chapel – Matt Schneider (681-8333),

Choir – Steven Branyon (681-8333),

Daughters of the King – Nancy Pinkerton (338-3623),

Eucharistic Ministers – Brad Tufts (342-9549),

Eucharistic Visitors – Brad Tufts (342-9549),

Flower Guild – Shirley Pearse (342-5119),

Handbell Ringers – Steven Branyon (681-8333),

Sacred Story Tellers – Bob Taylor (707-7630),

Ushers – Wes Grady (564-3644),

Virtually all of these groups operate well and require little or no oversight from the Vestry, so the Vestry Liaison has minimal responsibilities for oversight, coordination, or reporting.  The Liaison should make himself/herself known to all the heads of these groups as soon as possible after being appointed and let them know that he/she is the appropriate contact person if they have a request or proposal to present to the Vestry.

Mark Brinkmann is the person with staff oversight responsibility for the groups that directly support Sunday services, and he holds a luncheon meeting at the beginning of each new liturgical season for these groups.  The Vestry Liaison for this commission should attend these luncheons, as they are very informative and good way to become better acquainted with the coordinators.