Vestry Question of the Month

How is the risen Christ present to you from day to day?  Through Scripture?  Through the breaking of bread (Holy Communion)?  In some other way?  Did you ever have a moment when Christ’s presence was particularly powerful for you? 

Excerpts from vestry members’ answers:

For me, Christ and God are intertwined into one presence and indeed very present with me – at all times.

I never feel alone and I never feel afraid to journey into different situations because I have faith he [Christ] will guide and protect me.

First and foremost, the Eucharist is the most important part of my spiritual life.

When I am loved, cared for, and supported by people who have no connection to me other than being a human who happened to have crossed my path, I am aware that Christ is active in the world and present in my life.

I usually start my day with a reflection of what is planned, expected of me and ask Jesus to walk with me since I cannot do it alone.

I do have one experience where His [Christ’s] presence was very powerful and I understood from Him what I needed to do…  I was with three others on a trip to the Hurricane Katrina ravaged coast… I had an overwhelming sense of being told I must come back and help people there…

There were a few times when it seemed to me that Jesus was communicating with me directly… through images.  One message was, “Trust me.”  That’s all Jesus wanted to say to  me.  Just “Trust me.”

Christ’s presence in my life is evidenced by our beautiful surroundings, wonderful family and friends, including our life at All Saints, and until this point, good health.

I know of a double amputee who WALKED for the first time to the communion rail at ASEC on Easter Day, just a week ago!  What a powerful sign of resurrection and hope and new life!