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All Saints Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, SC

Greeter Schedule
Scroll down for roster

Date 8:00 AM Service
1 Martha Lake
Jim Hackett
8 Jen Gajdalo
15 CJ Humphrey
22 Pat Ralff
29 Bev Heath
5 Martha Lake
Jim Hackett
12 Pat Ralff
19 Jen Gajdalo
26 Bev Heath
3 CJ Humphrey
10 Bev Heath
17 Pat Ralff
24 Martha Lake
Jim Hackett
31 Jen Gajdalo

Please Offer Bread ONLY to those guests who SELF identify themselves or who are introduced by church members. The new procedure for  distributing bread is to take 3­4 white paper bags from the drawers  under the nametag kiosk in which to place the bread. The bag will  already have a brochure in it. If you have any bags with bread left over, DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE FREEZER.  You may  place the bag with the bread on the counter in the kitchen to be used by the 10:15 AM  Greeters.

The brochure is key to the ability of All Saints clergy and follow up welcoming committee to be able to contact potential new parishioners. Ask people with red name tags if they have filled out a brochure. There are extra brochures in the sign in desk.

Please take time to read the instructions for Greeters in the drawer where the nametags are stored. We no longer have a guest book. NEW visitors are to be given a brochure that tells them about All Saints. Ask them to fill in the flap and put it in the collection plate if they seek to be contacted. If visitors are “occasional” visitors or returning visitors, please request that they put their names on the list and a special nametag with red print will be made up for them and can be placed in the kiosk. Having visitors put their name on the sign up sheet or the tear-offof the brochure is the only way we can follow up with visitors.

We have a prayer in the drawer and taped to the Greeters Desk that all greeters are asked to recite before they begin their Sunday duties. It asks God to keep us focused on our ministry of the morning.

Greeter Roster
If you are unable to serve on the assigned date,
please trade assignments with someone and notify
Marilyn Adams (843-681-8333) of the changes as soon as you can.
Thank you for serving.

8:00 AM Service
Jenifer Gajdalo
Jim Hackett
Bev Heath

CJ Humphrey
Eileen & Steve Kelsall
Martha Lake
Pat Ralff


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