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All Saints Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, SC

Policies, Practices, and Forms

The documents linked from this page have been developed over a number of years by clergy, staff, Vestry, and ministry volunteers.  Because of this, they do not have a standardized format nor is the vocabulary necessarily consistent from one document to another.  (One person's policy is another's practice, and vice-versa.)  Some of the documents present two or more sorts of information, making it somewhat arbitrary as to how to categorize them.  But regardless of how they might be titled, in this collection they are indexed according to the following scheme:

  • Policies are the formal rules which govern activities at All Saints.  These documents have been reviewed and approved by the Vestry or by a Parish Meeting. 

  • Practices (or procedures, or guidelines) are the documents that specify how things are done in the various ministries and commissions.  They may have been provided voluntarily or solicited by the Vestry, but they have not been formally reviewed or approved, other than by the person or ministry that produced them.

  • Forms are forms - online, paper, or pew cards; they facilitate getting things done and create records of activities.


The collection of documents linked below is (constantly) a work in progress, and seems never to be complete.  Practices and procedures, formal or informal, are passed along from one staff member or one set of volunteers to the next; some but not all have been reduced to writing.  If you are aware of written policies, practices, or forms which are not included here, please inform the Clerk of the Vestry or the Webmaster.


Each item listed below is a link to a page in this website with the named policy, practice, or form.  The entire collection can be reviewed in the All Saints Episcopal Church Library.


most recent amendment
Bylaws of All Saints Episcopal Church January 26, 2015
Vestry Nomination & Election Procedures April 4, 2016
Employee Manual March 26, 2018
Foundation Bylaws March 25, 2019
Foundation Permanent Endowment Fund Agreement April 25, 2011
Foundation Special Funds Master Agreement April 25, 2011
Alcohol Policy June 27, 2016
Communications Policy and Guidelines June 25, 2018
Domestic Outreach Grant Selection Policy August 22, 2011
Fundraising Policy March 28, 2011
Personnel Committee January 15, 2007

recent version
Acolyte Policies and Procedures January, 2015
Altar Guild Policies and Procedures December, 2014
Environmental Stewardship Guidelines October, 2014
Eucharistic Ministers, a Customary April, 2016
Flower Guild Procedures May, 2014
Garden Tour Request for a Funding Grant August, 2015
Sacred Storytellers Procedures February, 2019


Calendar Request (2018)
Communications Request (2016)
Facilities Use Application (2016)
Garden Tour Request for a Funding Grant (2016)
Pew Card - DOK Prayer Request
Pew Card - Welcome / Visitor

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