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All Saints Episcopal Church, Hilton Head Island, SC

Parish Officers - History

The table below is organized by year, with the persons in office for the bulk of that year identified.  Generally, officers’ terms of office begin and end as of the annual parish meeting, usually held in January of each year.  The term for a Rector could start or end at any point in a year, and typically there is an interim Rector transitioning from one full-time Rector to the next.  See the Parish History for more detail on these transitions.  Exceptions and special circumstances are identified in the footnotes.

  Rector Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Clerk Chancellor
19851 (Jack McKee)2 Charlie Richman (vacant)3 John Dixon Ann Gibson (vacant)4
1987 Joe Hodges
1988 Gordon Mann Cynthia White
1990 Al Dunn Bob Moore Hank Dreher
1991 Tad Woodhull5
1992 Ray Tuttle Craig Dumesnil
1993 Greg Prior Lee Woodruff
1994 Bob Christopher Barbara Hodges
1995 Al Dunn6 Peg Tuttle Dick Miner
1996 Nancy Willig
1997 Warren Owen Jacqui Wilkinson
1998 Ray Tuttle
1999 Ray Tuttle Phyllis Brafman Anne Utley
2000 Anne Utley Jack Barrows Tony Marshall Nancy Hewitt Bob Kay
2001 Dick Oviatt7 Dori Dixon7
2002 (Roger Smith)8 Mark Szen John Mikita
2003 Rick Lindsey Debbie Baldridge7 Bob Menz7
2004 Hart Joseph
2005 Bob Menz Bobbie Cubbage
2006 Bob Moore Margaret Collins Kerry Grant

Lisa Ghessie12
Michael Jordan11
2007 Sue Senden
2008 Fred Hill
2009 Ginny Trolley Marjorie Milbrandt
2010 Marjorie Milbrandt Bob Taylor
2011 Dottie McIlraith Tony Rizza
2013 George Pinkerton Ginny Trolley9
2014 Marjorie Milbrandt Tony Rizza
2016 Mike Binford
2017 Joyce Emmett
2018 Joyce Emmett Tony Rizza
2019 (John Stonesifer)10 Tony Rizza Karen Reuter
2020 Denise Trogdon10        


  1. 1985 is far short of a full year for Vestry officers; All Saints Mission began December 8, 1985.

  2. The Rev. Jack McKee served as Vicar; Gordon Mann was the first Rector of All Saints.

  3. There is no record of a Junior Warden for the first year-plus of All Saints history.

  4. There is no record of a Chancellor for All Saints until 2000.

  5. Tad Woodhall continued as Junior Warden for the first 4 months of 1992, and was replaced by Craig Dumesnil.

  6. The December, 1994, minutes show that the Vestry chose Bob Christopher as Senior Warden and Al Dunn as Junior Warden, but Christopher resigned in early 1995 before taking office; Dunn became Senior Warden and Peg Tuttle was chosen Junior Warden.

  7. Senior Warden Dick Oviatt died unexpectedly in September, 2002; Dori Dixon took over as Senior Warden and Cecil Hartis was elected Junior Warden.  The transition to the new Vestry in 2003 was later than usual and occurred in March.

  8. The Rev. Roger Wm. Smith served as interim Rector for most of 2002.

  9. Ginny Trolley was forced to resign due to illness in September, 2013; the office was left vacant.

  10. The Very Rev. Rick Lindsey retired at the end of 2018; the Rev. John D. Stonesifer served as interim Rector from February through August, 2019.  The Very Rev. Denise Trogdon began serving as Rector in September, 2019.

  11. Michael Jordan resigned as Chancellor in June, 2019, in preparation for relocating from Hilton Head Island.

  12. Kerry Grant resigned as Clerk in October, 2019, in preparation for relocting from Hilton Head Island; Lisa Ghessie was elected to serve as Clerk through the end of the year.