Angel Tree

All Saints Advent Angel Tree

Because of Hurricane Matthew, there are more children than ever in economically distressed families.  Our All Saints family has been very generous in the past, and no doubt will be again.  Because of damage to our campus, we won't be able to put up our Angel Tree in the parish hall.  Instead, we will have two smaller trees - one in the narthex and one in the foyer, near the receptionist's desk.  Complete instructions on how to contribute financially OR buy a gift for a child in need, are written on the two different types of tags.  Please take one and make a little child a lot happier this Christmas. 

The Angel Tree is decorated with two kinds of cards.  One kind asks a parishioner to fund a $25 gift card; these cards are given to children who participate most regularly and conscientiously in the after school study program of the Neighborhood Outreach Connection in the Oaks apartment neighborhood on Hilton Head Island. 

The other kind of card has labels such as “toy for a girl 2 – 4 years old.”  Parishioners are invited to take a card, buy a toy or game, and bring it, unwrapped, to church.  There is a price cap of $40 (so one child does not receive a new bicycle while her brother receives a soccer ball).  These gifts become the stock for a deeply discounted (75%) "Christmas gift store” opened shortly before Christmas at the Bible Missionary Baptist Church in Bluffton.  This provides a way for parents to maintain their dignity as they participate in providing their children with presents.  All proceeds from the sale are donated to charity.

Contact Sandy Grant, 715-0202, for more information about this ministry.