2019 Deficit

As discussed in the letter with the 6 month statement, we are facing additional costs of about $120,000 for 2019. The deficit is caused by one-time search and transition costs of almost $70,000 and a $50,000 drop in commitments in 2019 that we also understand is related to the clergy transition. 

With the recent announcement of the Very Rev. Denise Trogdon as our new rector, the Finance Committee and Vestry felt we should address these additional needs before she arrives. 

All Saints in prior years has given generously to address deficit requests and hurricane needs.  The need for this year's deficit is a large one, so we felt we should map out a way to get there.  We will need everyone to respond to eliminate the gap.  We are off to a great start already having commitments of $54,500 in hand. Here are a few suggested levels that would hit our goal.

Commitments already made: $54,500
5 gifts at $3,000 or more: $15,000

20 gifts at $1,500 or more: $30,000

xxx gifts totaling $25,000: $25,000

TOTAL $124,500

We are grateful for the donors that allowed us to cover the projected deficit last year.  This year we will need as many as possible to wipe a deficit more than twice as large.  Any and all amounts will help!

To make your commitment to help us balance the budget you can go to the giving page on our website or go to following link https://www.shelbygiving.com/f/?k=9VNP9KJTD5KICXG2  or contact me at mszen@roadrunner.com .

All Saints Episcopal Church is a church of its people first, our ministries and then our beautiful campus.  Let's address this shortfall with our usual All Saints spirit and generosity, as we prepare for the new challenges and ministries of our coming years with Rev. Trogdon. 

As always, thank you for your time, talent and treasure in support of the ministry of All Saints Episcopal Church. Thank you to those who have already made their commitment!

Mark P. Szen, Treasurer
All Saints Episcopal Church